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Is something wrong with that? I though it was closed for Salmon fishing, not for bull trout fishing?

Not a very selective way of fishing if you are just targeting bulls and cutty's. Floating and/or sitting bags/gobs of roe on the the a very popular salmon bar = salmon fishing in my eyes...unless of course you are using 80lb+ braid and going for sturgeon that is. However this is just my opinion. Willing to bet he was using much heavier gear than required for cuttys and bulls as well...but again this is just my opinion and something we would honestly never know for sure I guess. One knows damn well that he is going to catch a majority of salmon fishing this way plain and simple. He was half lucky to get the bull, lol.

Honestly I think they should have made some more defined and clear regs when implementing the ban on the fraser and such but as they have not, then I guess its still legal per say....doesn't mean I have to agree with it.

Its the age old debate of ethics when fishing. Some people have them. Some people don't and always fish in those grey areas of the regs. To each their own, wonder what DFO would have said if he got caught.

Just call em like I see em...probably quit earlier as planned due to a guilty conscience. You are not fooling anyone but yourself. I know what I would do if I was dfo and caught someone fishing like that...even if it did mean a court appearance and debate. At the very least it would make one think twice about selective fishing methods.

You're just pissy cause people are calling you out on your crap Fishing ethics.

I don't see any racist comments. Immigrant isn't racist, and either is not being able to speak english.

Do yourself and the world a favor and just follow the rules. People will leave you alone, and if they don't, they're ass holes.

What was racist here?...he stated an sure even if he had worded it elsewise you would have found it racist for whatever reason....because he used the word immigrant?..because he said he didn't speak a lick of english?...his statement is simply obesrvations.

Yes, I called you a douche, and I stated why that was my opinion. Again, no harm done. You are simply upset that you were called out on your ethics and thats ok....just deal with it...afterall, what do you expect after posting something so absurd that some may even see as troll behavior.

This is what his one previous report states: "Good fishing. Just drop a worm to 100" mark. It says not to use bait but who gives a shit. There's tons of fish here. Don't worry people. I released them all. Tight lines"
This person clearly doesn't follow the regs, "It says not to use bait but who gives a shit". How long does it take to read the regs before you go fishing. Come on people.

Good observation Monahan......Not even a sliver of a leg to stand on now basementdweller.

If I was you I think I would give up fishing before it costs you much more than its worth....better just stick to the basementdwelling.

I agree, if you are going to fish, you have to follow the rules, its a privilege to fish in BC, don't abuse it or you will pay for it.

yeh Roebandit,that's what bugged me too about this the most.I don't think hatchery bulls even exist.I may be wrong but....

I don't believe so either, was the report changed as I don't see where he stated it was a hatch bull?...looking more and more like just another troll if so, lol

Never said hatch, but did say it was tasty .I hope he's just trolling .The problem is when someone reads a report and thinks its ok

its threads like this that give this site a bad name...maybe its time to just fish and mind our owns business.. myself,I couldnt care less what or where or when anyone else fishes.I follow the rules and regs and rsspect the land ..
just go out and fish and have fun!
I did pinks all day long

Nice fish usual, lol. I have to disagree in that posts like this give the site a bad name....I strongly believe that its posts like this that help in making one think twice about unethical angling practices...if no one says anything and/or congratulates it then it basically just encourages it. Theres minding ones business, which I do quite well and then theres turning ones head to blatant bs, which I fully admit I have a hard time doing sometimes,lol....Just my opinion though. Definitely agree in that everyone should indeed just get out and fish though!

basement dweller is a poaching beak and is only fooling himself. You are not allowed to keep bulls which is probably worse of an infraction than targeting sockeyes, regardless he is a fool for boasting about breaking rules. Hes probably full of shit anyways

If this person is smart, he will stop and think about what he just did. Hopefully he is smart.

why is he not banned? the #1 thing that should get a person banned is promoting law breaking. it's inexcusable and has no place on these types of sites. these places should be informative and fun, and places where young fisher-people can come to to learn about their passion. that comment he made about "screw the bait-ban, there's lots of fish" should have had his account terminated.

now in regards to his using roe for fishing cutties and bulls. if it's not breaking any regs, he's not doing anything wrong. don't assume that he's targeting salmon because you don't know that.
I think it's stupid when they close entire bodies of water when they don't want a specific type of fish caught. it's called retention. put a zero retention on that fish, but people should still be able to fish the body of water for the others.
sharphooks moderator

you are absolutely correct re: banning this now ex member. I am sorry, I have been back east on a fishing trip and did not have access. I warned this person when he posted a prior report. he is now banned.

I think using roe would be considered targeting salmon.
i'd hate to try arguing otherwise with the co.

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