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Hey everyone, havent gotten out fishing in a couple weeks and am itching to go this weekend. Assuming most the pinks in squamish are going bad now. Will there be a decent number in the vedder by monday?? First year fishing pinks so im not to sure...

thanks for the help

thanks! also how much weight would u suggest using on the river? ill be float fishing and i have a good idea how it should be rigged up, i just am not sure how much weight would work well.


Would a 5/8 pencil weight work? I was goona do a pink jig under a float. How much line from float to weight? Thanks for the advice

awsome thanks, still a couple things un clear, length of line from float to hook? ovbiously water depth depending but generally what would it be? also i will be using the foam tube float, to rig it up should i just stick tooth picks in the holes to stop it from moving up and down? and would 5/8 ounce weight be too much? or too little. Sorry for all the questions, but i want to have a successfull trip...hopefully.

the help is much appreciated, thanks

Just get out there and experiment. Look at what the other people that are catching fish are using. Stop being lazy and get out there and fish. Its called fishing and not catching for a reason.

not being lazy, have been out spin casting for pinks every weekend, i just wanted some advice with the float and weight amount as i havent done much float fishing, no need to start anything

awsome advice thanks

Not sure why you thought I was trying to start something? But it is always best to go and see what the people that are catching fish are using, only you and the people fishing at the spot you choose to fish at know how the water flow, depth, etc, is like, not people on the internet. Try to do what the people catching fish are doing, it will pay off.

Hey Chrisc54...want a really fun way to catch those pinks? Buy yourself a starter fly fishing package at Canadian Tire $39 bucks...rod and reel..really good product to start with actually. It's a 6wt setup. Then get a Rio sinking leader and some pink flies. Cast and retrieve slowly, you will be laughing at the amount of fish that you catch in just 2 hours. The fly guys always seem to catch more pinks on the vedder and way less snagging too. I started out like that back when I started fly fishing, it was so much fun!

flyfishing is no fun at all!

Fishing forum > vedder pinks


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