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So I left my 4 stroke 15 hp at the family property so my relatives could use it.I explained it had to be stored tiller down or upright.
When it was dropped off,it was tiller down ; good I thought.
I put it away upright but when I went back to the garage, there was a good puddle of oil.Obviously it was stored/ moved wrong.
Can I just change the oil and clean the plugs?Maybe spray in some sea-foam?
Does anyone have any solid experience with this?

Check oil level, if the oil is new and not dirty just add oil to the desired level. Unscrew the plugs, check how wet/oily they are, if they are fine put them back in, prime the motor and your ready to roll. If plugs are wet/oily take the plug off and hold a lighter to the bottom of the plug until the oil burns off, but don't hold it too long. Wipe the tip with cloth and your good to go. Or if you have extra $ to spend just buy new plugs.

Is it fuel injected or carbureted? If it is carbureted I would not recommend sea foam, it will gum up your carbs.

why does it have to be tiller down?
I've never heard that before.
I always store mine standing anyway, but transporting I usually have it tiller up.

Because its a four stroke, it needs to be stored/ transported a certain way so the oil doesn't leak out.
I was gonna look at it tomorrow but screw it, I'm goin fishing

Even if oil leaks out it is not a big deal, I have bought 4 stroke outboards and had the motors on the side during the drive and nothing happened. Just check your oil level and adjust it to the desired level.

Fishing forum > 4 stroked stored wrong


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