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my better half joined me this morning for a couple of hours on the south t.
she had one good hit float fishing. her roe bag was torn. she says she had one other bite as well but did not hook either. I was bottom fishing, had lots of little bites but nothing bit solid. probably pike minnows or small trout but you never know. we saw a total of 3 fish jump between 5 am and 7:45 am.
they are in there but not many yet. the water level is not too bad. there is a bit of a beach opposite banana isl. where I usually fish.
next day for me will likely be in September. hope all the fish wait for me!!

I was able to get down for the first two hours of daylight today. had one bite that might have been a salmon and saw several jump. it seems there are a few fish in the river. things should pick up in a week.

Thank you for the updates on thompson.
I must tell you that you have been a great help for me to be able to start fishing for salmon in Okanagan.
I started salmon fishing for the first time in the shuswap falls 2 weeks ago, and have been fishing almost nonstop since.
With begginers luck I caught my first spring, 83cm and 11lb after cleaning.
Thank you very much for all the helpful posts.
After the closure at the lumby end i have been trying the pools at the enderby end without much luck.
2 days ago, I talked to the surveyor whose name is brent at the ball diamond. He informed me that it had been a very slow year in enderby.
I will try chase a week later.
Thank you again.

you are very welcome. we might run into each other on the Thompson in September.
as for the ball park, it is always slow until about the 20th then it picks up. keep trying there and leave the Thompson until September when the hoards on the Shuswap get too bad ! good luck. you are off to a good start!
sharphooks moderator

I was at the river this morning as daylight broke. mzmann joined me along with his father and brother as well as a couple from Vernon. it was a beautiful morning highlighted by a 13 pound doe, my first of the season. it was in very nice condition and put up a great fight.
a great morning. look forward to tomorrow !

I spent a great morning on the south Thompson. good company and a beautiful 13 pound doe . hope to be there most every morning for a while !

No love for us today in the spring dept...We stayed for a few more hrs after you left Cagey and I ended up catching a 14" rainbow, about the same size squaw and a little 3" bullhead which literally tried to swallow my 3/0 and chunk of roe, the greedy little pig, lmao!....anyways, going to head west for a few days and see what we can scrounge up for salmon in a few closer to the ocean non tidal waters ....maybe catch ya next Sunday but may hit the diamonds instead then...will see how they have both been fishing by that time and decide then, lol......and much congrats on that beauty doe! was all in the netter, lol ;-p

another gorgeous morning on the T.
my reward was just as silver as Sunday's fish but a bit bigger as it weighed 14 lb 10 oz.
my better half lost one and we each had a couple more good hits. all in all a beautiful way to spend the early hours of the day!

it was not the fault of the fish that I came home empty handed. I had a few bites as did my partner for the day plus I had one on for about 2 seconds. each day there seem to be more fish rising which is very encouraging. maybe tomorrow will bring more fish to my freezer ! getting skunked is not that bad on such a beautiful morning !

it has been quiet on the Thompson the last few days except for a young lady from Vernon who gave the men a lesson on the weekend. she had a 10 and a 16 1/2 lb spring on Saturday followed by an eight pounder on Sunday (by the time I left ).
this morning there were actually quite a few fish holding in the pool but nothing would bite. tomorrow is another day ! can't beat the weather except for Friday morning.

It was pleasure to meet you cagey.
I really appreciate your help and the treat on the river today.
Stayed till 10 30 hoping to tag out for the year but the lucky catch was the only bite I had today.
Hopefully I get to experience my rod tip dropping hard ringing the bell on thursday.

and a pleasure to meet you too! see you tomorrow. only one fish to report today. a doe about 13 lbs caught by our mutual friend, ken. not a bite on my hook!

I'm heading out there tomorrow... Cagey can you give me directions heading from Vernon? I think you go right at Falkland, then left at the Trans Canada... and just GPS it to the upstream side of Banana Island? On the highway side?

you are heading in the right direction !
see you there. it has been quiet although this morning my buddy caught a 15 lb doe about 8 and lost another about 8:30 (when I had to go ).
you might want to park at the first pullover you come to after you pass Hoffman's bluff (about 1/4 mile after the big construction sign) then walk along the highway about 300 yds . there is a spot that we used to park but they dug a ditch. go in there then go along the tracks about 100 yds and there are a couple of trails down to the river .

too wet for you? my buddy caught a beautiful 13 lb doe and had 2 other good bites but I had nothing nor did my other buddy. sure is slow fishing. very few fish jumping.only 6 more days to fish our local river. what will I do then ?

Very slow fishing again. I wonder if there is any big chinook in the river. Luckly, right at 10, I casted my last roe for the day and a jack spring kindly accepted it. Who would hav known number 10 is this hard to tag. I hope there is some more beginners luck left for me.

I guess that means I will see you again!

C u tomorrow. I cant give up now

Cagey, finally caught the number 10, 7lb buck, 10mins after you left. I was hoping for a nice doe but it was fresh and I really didnt want to come back so I tagged it. I will have to wait for my first 20 pounder till next year. Thanks for everything. C u next year.

good for you. you can catch your 20 pounder on the vedder and release it. by the way, gina wants to know when if ever you work !!! (lol).

Lol I work in the afternoon and evening. I give her the trout and she wants to know more about me personal stuff lol. Take care cagey.

yes, she heard you say you had a freezer full of trout. give her one and she will be after them all !!
it was a bit busier. ken landed an old boot but with only one space left he let it go on its way.
we both had several good bites. quite a few jumping. a young fellow from Vernon caught a nice 13 lb approx. doe on a float. other than the jack ken lost yesterday that is the first fish I have seen on the float. (it was his second. he caught one 2 weeks ago after I left. I had shown him how to set up a sliding float etc and now he is catching more than me. I guess I had better remember what I told him. oh well, I have 2 more spots on my licence for the month with one day to go. I guess I had better pack my lunch tomorrow. unlike pros like you jg, I have to fish to the end ! and i'm only trying for my monthly limit!(lol) take care my friend !

jg, did you loose a second set-up? I dragged in a spin + glow and weight with 3 fake pearls . was it yours ?
I had the whole place to myself . funny, last day and no one there. lots of fish jumping. my morning started with a good bite just before 6 am. wow, this is going to be my day or so I thought. for the next 3 1/2 hours my big thrill was dragging in the spin+glo/weight.
i won't know what to do tomorrow morning. maybe sleep past 4 am !

sorry you never got the big 1. Well one good thing if u get more sleep you won't be as grumpy lol.And thanks for your help this year ,maybe we'll get em all next yr.

me grumpy.......never !
you had better get your chair out of there before I charge you with littering !!

Cagey. I lost 4 riggings when I was using my new levelwind and kept getting birds nest. You found one the other day for me and I dragged couple as well. I think I m missing a yellow with orange tipped spin n glo with 4 oz pyramid weight but not sure. It probably is not mine or even if it is mine you should definitely keep it. Thank you for asking.
Your description of the last day pretty much tells about the most days I was at the thompson. Its too bad you didnt get one, but I think you will get a nice moose instead this year
Oh plz quit making fun of me being a pro. You saw me being dragged downstream by a small 13lb doe. Although I want to hook a big one in chilliwak (catch n release of course for this year) I m not even sure how I m going to handle the lunker. Hope I dont fall in the water lol. Hav a good sleep sleeping in in the morning.

not making fun of you. that fish was much bigger until we weighed him. must have been a faulty scale.
you will do just fine with those springs. when you are down there take your level winds into mike's reel repairs and ask him to make them work. those are very good reels you have. when properly set up they will not cause a problem. a lot better that the spinning reel.
take care . let me know how you do on the vedder. if I hear of a fisherman with a great smile being dragged down river by a big spring I will know it is you !

did you have braided line on the level wind. I was thinking the rig I found might belong to lumby ken. he lies jewelry for his fish. and it did not have a pyramid weight. it was a home made one like ken has (and gave us all some last year ) anyway, keep in touch there my friend ! and thanks for the good luck in finding a moose . I need it. if I do I will bring you some !

Nice. I love moose meat. It has been more than 10yrs since I tried some. Good luck cagey!!

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