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Hi Speed

we thought all last years fish got eaten by the heron till I got this guy I quess there are some left in the pond

watch it hispeed or beak will find something wrong with you having your own fish pond!
Hi Speed

always nice to hear from you have a great day cagey

you too ! hope that was not the last fish in the pond! it was a nice looking trout. (not wild, so calm down beak !)
Hi Speed

don't know how many of last years fish are left but my dad just had 200 new ones delivered on friday

sounds great. wish my creek had some fat trout in it !
Eagle 1

so.....did ya kill it?

I suspect if there was a vote by the members it would be you and your buddy that everyone is tired of.
as for the licence to have a fish pond, the fish are bought through the hatchery and are perfectly legal. I am sure hi speed will explain the details for you.

roebandit, I've never paid any attention to your posts before to notice what cagey was saying. but, he seems to have a point.

why is your concern in this thread questioning the op's legality of their pond?
I read this thread yesterday and had nothing to add to it, so I moved on.
rather than commenting on the beautiful trout or the luxury they have of their trout pond, your big question is suggesting that they may somehow be breaking the law?????????????? there's absolutely nothing in this thread that hints at any illegal activity, but that seems to be your "go-to" posting.
Hi Speed

no permit is required to have a pond you just order your fish from a hatchery they deliver and you pay them

Its not illegal to transport live fish. Dont worry.
Hi Speed

$2.50 per fish

so now it is "all you guys" not just me. glad I am not the only one. even if I was the only one, it is funny no one else ever has a problem with my posts. I try to help other members when I can. that has included, over the years, pointing out the law to those who needed some help with it. my posts are only negative when dealing with someone who is negative such as yourself.
one more thing, you are always trying to read my mind as to what I mean. that is dangerous. you could get hurt trying to deal with something so superior to yours ! there was no other meaning to what I said. it is perfectly legal . very simple. unlike yourself I do not play games. what I say is what I mean! now grow up and start contributing positive input to the site or go away.

ok, truce. just try and contribute something for a change.
as I said on another post, I know you have a great deal of knowledge about fishing. all I want you to do is share it instead of only coming on here to criticize. even when you don't mean to (as you explained your input to this thread) be negative you sound like you are . why did you not just say, "hi spped, I am interested in building a fish pond? do you need a permit to have a pond? how do you get the fish? how much are they? ".
no one would have , even negative old me, thought for one second you were just being a jerk again . I am ready to accept that the messenger is ok, just not the message. now try and humour me and I will stay off your case. and by the way, as I said to one other member, pointing out the rule infractions is important but it carries a lot more weight coming from someone who contributes regularly as opposed to someone who only posts criticism. if you would listen to what I say instead of taking it as a negative, you could help make this a lot better site for everyone to visit. why not give it a try?

That's really cool ... having your own pond for fishing :-)

Just curious, with this info:

its is illegal to:
Have any live fish in your possession
in the wild, or move any live fish or
live aquatic invertebrates around the province or transplant them into any waters of B.C. Do not keep angled fish alive in a “livewell” or other device, or on stringers, and never use live fish as bait
or release your aquarium fish to the wild.
“High-grading” is illegal.

What about the fish one purchases from an aquarium store to put in their own aquarium? What defines "in the wild"? Clearly, moving a fish from the aquarium store into your home aquarium would go directly against "or move any live fish or
live aquatic invertebrates around the province", does it not?

great point, HKSR.
probably one that the DFO didn't think of either when wording their laws.
surely goldfish and eels, etc would have to be considered "invasive species". by their rules, it's illegal to transport them to your home. hell, it's pretty much illegal to have them in a "live-well" in your home.

roebandit, I wasn't attacking you, just asking why you were questioning the pond's illegality. nothing in the thread suggested there was any illegal activity happening. you went straight to that.
if you were indeed asking that because you were curious and wondering for yourself, surely if that's been an idea you've been pondering, you'd have looked up the the requirements already.
it didn't come across that way in your post. you seemed to be suggesting that the op had broken some laws.

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