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Hey guys! Anyone been to the vedder lately to fish for springs and catch and release sockeye? An employee at pacific angler says some guys are getting sockeye on prawn tails. Just curious because i may head out on saturday morning if the fishing is decent. Its a two and a half hour drive from where i live to get to the vedder so it would be nice if the fish are biting.

I could let you know after sat. As i'm heading out their then. About time to be there 2 times a week again.
Seems to be a pretty standard presentation out there. Give Fred's a call or stop by, they know that river well.

Try not to catch the sockeye as well, catch and release is stressful on fish. We should try to let their numbers increase as much as possible.

These are a few pics from a Site that show what the vedder looked like on Sunday the 7th. I hear there are some bull trout around.

Here's the bull trout.

Fished the Lickman area on sunday afternoon for a few hours, there were a few others out fishing aswell. Only heard of two springs landed the day before from another angler.

Water is looking pretty good but still a little high and moving at a decent pace in some areas, was not easy to wade into some of my usual spots but managed to land a nice 16" bully and a few small cutthroat trout while i was out. No springs for me maybe next outing..

Wow cool. By the way, did you see any sockeye?

This is pacific anglers July 12 2013 vedder river fishing report. That spring in the picture has got me excited!! I'm heading out tomorrow to see what's going on. I'll post some pics of the river and hopefully some fish.


Good luck! Let us know how you do.

Well I'm back from the vedder. I fished a lot of water today. Unfortunately I came up empty handed. At peach road there were tons of people fishing. Only saw two hookups which they both lost in a matter of seconds. I then headed to Keith Wilson bridge and boy was the water murky. Way different from upstream. I think it's because there were boats going up and down which made the debre flow. Anyway I hope the fishing improves soon. I only saw one single sockeye jump.

Yes, peach road was the furthest I went. I walked a little bit up the trail but not too far. I don't think many reds are past peach road since it's still early in the season. Here's a picture of what the Wilson bridge looked like.

Water is so high.

This was peach road in the afternoon. When I took this picture, majority of the anglers already left. There were still tons of people scattered everywhere.

Where was the last picture taken from, how do you access that spot?

balraj, learn to read. it says where below the photo.

Cagey, I understand it is Peach Rd, I am asking how to access that spot.

Actually there are lots of fish up in the upper part of the river. Even saw a spawned out fish that was brown and white floating back down the river. I was pretty suprised to see that already.
I meant to say to purposely fish for them, as for sockeye you can catch them almost no problem in there when targeting the springs.
Water clarity is actually not to bad i could see a couple feet into the water where i was. So not terrible, I would go out there again today if i wasn't working.
Saw a bunch of fish landed where i was as well.

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