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okay we have got to do something about this shocking any ideas or suggestions on how to treat this POST THEM!!!
Eagle 1

Why don't you post some more info on this so we can figure out some kind of action plan. I've heard nothing about this.

try checking the end of the starting to warm up and thats where i found my info. it is happening within the month. and it really sucks because it is a great place to fish for all ages.

Here's a link to why they shocked it in 2008. Seems like sound reasoning to me....

TWU could also just deny access as it is private property. Better stop and think before trying to prevent them from removing invasive species.
READ canforestguy's link!!!

Completley unreasonable there is no need for that bass is a growing sportfish in bc that people love to catch and this is one of the few places in the lower mainland that offers this great fishery the bass aren't affecting the salmon overall the ones that used to spawn in the area never will again because the bass have already made a home and will be impossable to get rid of even with shocking the lake amd urbanization has played a huge part aswell let the bass live! I love fishing there close to home and this fishery should be promoted as an urban option for people to fish at not kill em off ill definetly be protesting this. Just my thoughts on the matter

b.c. hates anything but rainbow in the lakes.
they just love to poison off an entire ecosystem so they can stock it with rainbow only.
funny thing is though, they have a limit on perch.
explain that.

I agree with MrGrey1. Shocking TWU pond won't get rid of all the bass. In a short period of time, they'll be back in numbers again. Honestly, I find bass extremely tough. It's not that easy to kill em (other than leaving them in the bushes lol)

Yeah it wont kill all of them. They shocked the pond at my university in the states and i caught fish really soon after. There is many reasons to shock a pond, and in the long run it could be beneficial.

Wehw. i thought we would lose a great fishery around here and that would suck.

I can't believe they are going to do this. I find it.................shocking.

Shocking? No no... this is absolutely re-VOLTing...
drift king

bass suck .... shock the pound
drift king

ok then fishslayer24 go ahead and keep fishing for those garbage fish

Thanks for the update. I'm not surprised that there's survivors. Bass are one of the toughest fish around. It'll probably take a couple years for the population to re-establish themselves again.

I happened to show up there for the first time the evening they were doing the shocking. They had a 10ft polaris with electrodes on front of pontoons. The fish within 10 ft were stunned and would float up then one of the guys would net them , put in rubbermaid and bring in when full. I saw a 10lb carp they got with some bass in the 2lb range, tops.
The pond becomes a problem only when it floods in winter allowing the bass to get into the salmon river where they eat all salmon fry they can find. Thats not good.
I like to catch bass but really like to catch salmon. They have to protect the urban streams before all salmon are gone
Guy told me last year they took 600 bass out and were targeting the same this year. There are some left but seem to be very smallas a rule. just thought id tell what I know on the situation....

Save the bass save the sunfish some one help this guy so this doesnthappen to thes fishh

Fishing forum > SAVING TRINITY!!!!


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