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I read chehalis river has a small run of steelhead this time of year and I saw a couple Ppl fishing there on my way home from francis lake on ssaturday does anyone know anything about this riveer or how successful it is or even what to use on it and any general locations? Thanks, Janes

Might see you out there this weekend, might go try the upper a little, drifting most likly but ill have a fly rod as well with me if i find somewhere. Light gear is the key as most of these guys are pretty small.

O ya I think I'm going to try it too hopefully the rain this week dosent make the river too high if I do ill be fly fishing with my 6 weight or 5 weight haven't decided yet what do you use?

Don't leave anything in your vehicle
The Sasquatch has great burgers when you're done for the day

Ill be bringing my lamiglas bait caster, as i hear the canyon can be tight in some pools, but ill have my 6wt on my back as well. Ill use 15lb main and 8lb leader for baitcaster.

you'll be way undergunned w/a 6 wt rod for summer run steel,best to yuse an 8wt,my 2 cents

Well theres a change of plans and i'm not going to go there anyways, different river. And i have talked to a friend that guides and he says, that a 6wt will do just fine, as most of the summers that come up that river are small.

using a 6wt rod you will not be able to play the fish and get it to hand in a decent amt of time, you will potentially tire the fish to the point of not being able to revive it!is this the kind of risk you want to take w/wild steelhead? just something to think about....

A 6wt would do just fine, just be careful, I have a 7wt myself and it does fine.

i herd their is a small run of chinook in chehalis river around now any thoughts?

its a very small run and they are hard to find even if you hike into the canyon. The reason you dont hear anything about them is because there arent that many and anyone thats in the know is smart enough not to talk about it , especially on the internet. For someone who is new to the river to go and target them is pretty much a lost cause.

Fishing forum > chehalis river


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