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Have any of you guys been at the capilano for coho yet? I was planning on going thursday but some buddies say the waters real low.and would blades and prawns work? If i go im going to centrepin with my new lamiglas rod.

I was there on June 2nd checking it out and it was a little early all I got was a cutty, but I heard right now there were about 1100 coho through the system already and the most successful spot is defiantly cable pool. Besides prawn I would also bring some roe with you that always seems to do the trick and #2 buzz-bombs and #3 Vibrex spinners work great too, remember to switch it up if your not getting any luck these guys are picky good luck!
Tight Lines

Awesome! I think i'll give the cable pool a shot.

Awesome lemme know how you do!

I don't have the regs. here in front of me at work; however, is there a live bait ban right now? Or is that later in the summer?
Like I said, don't have the regs. in front of me. I'm just day dreaming about fishing.....

No its not on right now it starts it augest if I remember correctly I dnt have em infront of me either I'm fishing on harmon lake right now lol

aug 1 to oct 31 is the bait ban.

You can use dead fin fish for sturgeon fishing. Aren't you allowed to mooch with live sardines or herring on the ocean when fishing for salmon?

You can use live bait in the ocean,NOT in the river

Good point and you are correct, I should have said bait ban. Technically you are not allowed to use live bait in a river.

That being said, I did have a lively discussion w/ someone regarding why dew worms were not considered live bait. Any of you steelhead fishermen ever get in trouble for using dew worms in a river?



Don't have the regs in front of me but I believe it is live "fin fish" that a no no in freshwater

OK, good point. From the regs:

Rules on Bait Usage
“Bait” is any foodstuff or natural substance
used to attract fish, other than wood,
cotton, wool, hair, fur or feathers. It
does not include fin fish, other than
roe. It includes roe, worms and other
edible substances, as well as scents and
flavourings containing natural substances
or nutrients.

Fin fish…means all fish other than
crustaceans, echinoderms, molluscs,
shellfish and marine mammals. The
use of fin fish (dead or alive) or parts
of fin fish other than roe is prohibited
throughout the province, with the
following exception: You may use the
head of fin fish or the headless body of fin
fish as bait, only:
(a) when sport fishing for sturgeon in Fraser
River (Region 2 only), or
(b) when set lining in lakes of Region 6 or in
lakes of Zone A of Region 7.

Ok so back onto the thread topic, has anyone else had any success yet. I got 3 ho's this year so far in my two outings on a 6wt. They are stacking up a bit now. since i did have water come over my waders and ruin my phone when a tanker went by i could not grab pics but i'm getting an waterproof camera next paycheck so ill be able to post some up.

Yes, pretty much as close as i can to the river mouth as i can get. You have to watch the tides there however some days aren't good and others you can get out there. Its a good spot for fly as all the gear chuckers are up the river in the canyons. Using a fly that i tied myself, it doesn't look like much but its producing.

Can't go giving away everything, its a modification of probably the easiest flies to tie, as i just started tying. 8wt is good i've been using smaller with a floating line and regular mono tapered leader with a split shot. Mind you my fly has some weighted wraps and a tungsten beadhead.

Has anyone had any luck in the upper portion, out of the salt?

Just got back from capilano. I headed into an upper river canyon pool.personally I think the river is in prime condition right now. Not to high and not to low. You can tell some schools of fresh fish have moved in. Jumping all around. I lost about three because of my lame hookset, but I managed a small coho buck around 3 pounds. I'm headed out tomorrow to see if I can catch anything under highway 1 bridge.

That is were i was thinking about going tomorrow as well. haven't been in the upper portion in years though. So i might see you there. Ill be fishing some marabou jigs i tied feel free to say hi.

Okay I will.

I want to try the capilano river for fishing too, what do I use, I have a bait caster, can I use roe or should I try blades? How do I access the cable pool or under the hwy 1 bridge? Any help or info would be appreciated.

man oh man. the cap was so frusterating today! so many people under the bridge, and so many people at the cable pool. The fishing was pretty slow to. i caught a few rainbows and had a strike from a coho but nothing landed. I only saw one person with a coho on a stringer just down from the cable pool. It was also really sad because when i was fishing a pool near cable pool, i saw a summer steelhead swimming on it's back being washed down! someone snagged the poor thing, threw it back and ended up killing it!

And balraj, roe is the only thing you'll get strikes with right now. I tried all sorts of blades like silver, copper and gold with nothing to show. Only time i had something was when i used roe.To get to highway 1 bridge, you have to take capilano road exit and turn left at light. There is a path on the side of the road that takes you to the river. To get to cable pool, you drive to the capilano hatchery and walk on a path near the parking lot. There will be a big sign saying cable pool. If you fish there, be super careful. If you look from below, the rocks are slightly slanted. And a baitcaster is perfect for this fishery.

Should I get with a heavy set up or a light one, I have a abu Garcia 6500c3 or a black max(small bait caster), would 8lb fluorocarbon do for my leader and about 20lb main? I am leaning toward using my smaller bait caster, as I imagine the fish are quite small. Thanks for the info, very much appreciated.

Yes your small Baitcaster will be plenty enough for summer capilano coho. 20 pound main line is probably a little much, but it will do. And 8 pound fluorocarbon leader is what I use. It's perfect because most fish range from 3 to 8 pounds.some get a little bigger but it's rare and usually never reach over 10 pounds. And if you hook a summer steelhead, it would probably be able to handle it.

I will try one day, probably early morning. Thanks for your help.

I know what you mean about frustrating I went up there didn't even drop a line in, saw the gong show. so I just wen up to one of the lakes further north and fly fished.

Was at the cap today fished for 4 hours then with all that heavy rain the river blew out! Went from crystal clear to brown. I hope it clears up soon but it's supposed to rain all week.

The rivers blown?! My god.. It was so low a few days ago..

yes looking farward to this years salmon fishing i herd the cap was doing good up top havent been myself yet was wondering if anyone has herd about chinook in chehalis?

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