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Cultus Lake Pikeminnow Derby
Pack up your tackle and head for the Cultus Lake Pikeminnow Derby on June 15.
Great family fun — plus $2,000 in cash prizes, and merchandise to be won!

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013
Time: Dawn – 2:00 pm (Same-day registrations open at 6:00 am) | Fish weigh-in: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Place: Cultus Lake (Main Beach)

Plan to head out to Cultus Lake on Saturday, June 15 for the 2013 Cultus Lake Pikeminnow Derby.

It’s the day before Father’s Day — a perfect time to gather for family fishing fun, delicious food and community celebration. The boat launches will be open, or you can fish from the shore. Remember to bring your own tackle.

The event gets underway at dawn, and parking is free if you arrive before 9:00 am.

Fishing for Pikeminnow ? Doing Your Part!
By entering the Derby, you’ll be helping to control the number of pikeminnow, a predatory species in Cultus Lake. That’s a big help to salmon and other fish in the lake. No fishing licence is required to catch pikeminnow if you’re entered in the Derby – and it's this one day only.

This year’s Derby is hosted by the Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy (CLASS) team, with support from the Fraser River Salmon Table and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Event proceeds go to support activities of the Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy (CLASS) in caring for Cultus Lake.

How to Buy Derby Tickets
Derby tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for those under 16 years of age.

Tickets can be purchased at Cultus Lake on Derby day or in advance at the following Chilliwack locations:

•Cultus Lake Park Board Office
•Cultus Lake Golf Club Pro Shop
•Fred’s Custom Tackle
•Chilliwack Dart & Tackle.
Tickets can also be purchased online (bring your receipt to the event). Visit the Derby online tickets page.

Derby Prizes
Prizes will be awarded to valid ticket holders who participate in the Derby:

•Heaviest Pikeminnow: Adult category: cash prizes for the first, second, third and fourth heaviest pikeminnow caught
•Heaviest Pikeminnow: Juniors category (under 16 years): cash prizes for the first, second, third and fourth heaviest pikeminnow caught
•Most Pikeminnow: Adult category: cash prizes for the first, second and third greatest number of pikeminnow caught
•Most Pikeminnow: Juniors category: cash prizes for the first, second and third greatest number of pikeminnow caught
•Lightest Pikeminnow: cash prize for the lightest pikeminnow caught
•Mystery weights: prizes for first, second and third mystery weight pikeminnow
•Tagged Pikeminnow: prizes for pikeminnow caught with special tags on dorsal fins.
Your Derby Ticket is a Raffle Ticket Too!
Your Derby ticket registers you to fish for pikeminnow and enters your name for raffle prize draws. Buy extra tickets for more chances on the raffle – even if you don’t plan to fish! There’s no limit on the number of tickets you can buy for the raffle.

Bonus! For every pikeminnow caught, a Derby participant with a valid ticket is eligible to win additional prizes.

Learn More
For more on the Derby, contact:

Marion Robinson: E:| T: 604 826-1661

Owen Skonberg: E:

About the Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy (CLASS)

The Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy (CLASS) is a network of over 60 organizations and individuals interested in the future of Cultus Lake. The Fraser Basin Council’s Fraser Valley Regional Manager chairs CLASS meetings and supports the participants as they come together to identify key issues, gather information and support research on the lake. Learn more about CLASS.

this is nice to see. i don't know why it's not being done in more areas.
the squaws are absolutely taking over shuswap and okanangan. and it's crazy how big they are getting and how their populations explodde from their insane breeding.
there are massive schools of huge-sized squaws that just sit at both mouths of the narrows in shuswap. they ambush the fry as it tries to squeeze through this pinch-point.
no wonder the returning smolts to the ocean are a measly 1%.
i sure wish other lakes would do these derbys. or at least educate people on the destructiveness of these fish and encourage them to kill any they catch. they won't go to waste, the eagles have them picked up within seconds of throwing them out.

I've never fished Cultus Lake or for Pikeminnow.

The lake looks a little large for a fishing kayak, true? The location says "main beach." I'm looking at a map, do you know which campsite the main beach is closest? Maple bay, clear creek, or entrance bay?

I would ask for fishing tips for Pikeminnow; however, I know that nobody here will give that up :-)

Thanks and we may see you there!

Great, thanks for the suggestions! Sounds like a good time for my son and I.

I think the website to buy tickets is:

i don't see why anyone would withhold their squawfish "secrets". the fewer of them in the water, the better. they'll bite almost any presentation that you would present to any other fish. i catch them all the time while fishing for rainbows. fly, spinner, spoon, crankbait, tubes, and of course bait, will all work for squawfish.

lighten up fetoid. you have asked for and received lots of tips. and besides who would hide their pikeminnow secrets?
in case you did not notice there is a fishing report on cultis lk with details of how the member caught 21 pikeminnow. like gearbox said they will bite almost anything you would use for trout.

so how many tons of pike minnows did you get rid of with the derby?

The derby is this Saturday, and hopefully they will rid the lake of 1500 or so of the pests. Unfortunately I work that day and won't be able to attend

If anyone could give me more information about these Pikeminnows, there impact of fisheries around the Lower Mainland, and how we can help as anglers Id love to write an article about these guys on my website you can email me at.....

Had a great time at the derby. According to the Fraser Valley Salmon Society: 661 anglers turned in 560 fish with 196 caught by juniors and 364 by adults.

We caught 5 and are looking forward to next years event!

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