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Hey everyone, i was just wondering about fishing for spring salmon when july 1 rolls around on the vedder, and what you need as a set up. All i got is a 9' rod (seems fairly strong) and a mitchell spincast reel (says lbs10/ yrds210) I was wondering if this set up would work, as i am strapped for cash and cant really afford a baitcasting reel like most people use there. I have caught some decent sized chum on it 16-20 pound maybe, but all a little older and some accidental snags which seemed hard to reel in on that reel

Really appreciate the help

A few unknowns still but start with this.If you tied your line to 10lb weight,would you be worried about breaking your rod if you were to lift it at 90 degrees?
As for the reel,the good thing about rivers is,fish usually(not always) like to stay in the pool they are in.This works in your favor.You may get a few looks with a spinning reel,but who cares.If you are lucky enough to hook into a spring(they are few and far),and your fish decides to head back to sea faster than you can run,you have three choices.
Point the rod at the fish and break it off,play it like you always would and pray your reel holds up,or flip the bail and hope the drag of flow on your line pulling downstream makes the fish want to to head up again.I don't recomend the third option if you're fishing with many people around you.Hope this helps

good advice and much appreciated, as for the rod and the 10 pound weight i think i wouldnt be too worried, i think the rod may be okay just the reel i was wondering about, even the reel i think is fairly big as far as spinning reels go, definetely not just a trout spinning reel or anything. Seen a couple people bring in spring with a set up sort of similar to mine.
Thanks again bud

as long as the reel is a reasonable one. last year on the Thompson river a friend showed up with this really cheap looking excuse for a reel on a small rod (the rod lived to be laughed at another day !). sure enough he hooks a 25 pound buck. he starts reeling in and the reel breaks. I am sure a 5 pound fish would have been too much for that piece of junk. well the fun started then. he ran up the river bank away from the fish until he could go no further then he pulled his line the rest of the way, with some help, by hand until we landed it for him. I hope your reel had an original price of more than $5. that's about what his had been worth new!

Haha, that's hilarious, yeah mine isn't too bad, its a Mitchell, bigger than a lot of the other spin casting reels out there. Thanks for the help

what pound line would you reccomend when fishing for spring? would 20 do?i dont think i could fit a ton of line if i went up from 20 pound line

Fishing forum > Spring salmon fishing set up


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