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does anyone have any good stories from the weekend? myself, I spent a day dragging bucktails on Shuswap lk. nothing except a big pike minnow my partner caught. sure has changed from last year on the Shuswap. with very few salmon fry the trout are gone. nothing like last year. now it is so friggin cold you would think it was winter. fresh snow on the hilltops! where did summer go?

i was on the shuswap as well.
got on the lake at about 5pm saturday, and ended the night with seven fish. the next morning, i did a run up to anstey, but it was real slow up there. all i managed was one fish there. went back to the narrows and got three or four before it went dead. after that, i just cruised to different spots trying to locate the fish. got into another six or seven before packing it in mid-afternoon.

and yeah, it's nothing like last year. at least fry-wise, which relates right over to the fish activity as well.
but, i've still managed to do very well each time i go.
the week before, i did pretty well. and the week before that, was one of my better days out there.

the lake takes some figuring out, but i've been able to do pretty well, regardless of the fry.

what were you using? how deep?
we did not pick up much on the fish finder. not even lakers in some of the usual spots. I guess the fish were following you.(lol)

what area were you fishing?

shuswap is my main lake, and i've put alot of time in trying to figure them out. it's easy to get them when they are following the fry, but it's alot tougher when the fry are minimal or it's later/earlier in the season.

i fish solely with the flyrod.

were you using larger bucktails?
i use fry patterns, but much smaller sizes. but i won't leave anything on too long. if it's not getting hit, i switch it up. i know the fish are there, so just have to find what it is they are prefering that particular day. and some days, the fly that they wouldn't leave alone yesterday, they won't even look at it the next day.

i don't use a finder. they are handy, but i find they are more distracting than anything. i've caught fish when a finder shows nothing, and caught nothing when the finder shows fish everywhere. i never go deep anyway, just the top 20 feet or so.

the squawfish have sure exploded in #'s in there. there's absolute masses of them congregated at the mouths of the narrows. it's amazing any fry at all makes it through the lake.

.we have similar methods. I use small bucktails/fry imitations. Saturday I left my flyrod at home and used the downrigger at 15 ft +/- 10 ft.i guess we were just in the wrong place. we went over sunnybrae way/engineers point. usually we fish the tunnels and down that way but went the other way for a change. bad decision (last year it was always good when we fished engineers pt.)
next time we'll have better luck I hope. thanks for the info.

i do lots of stopping and starting also, to change the fly's movement and speed. i'll do the odd turn, but prefer to change the speed instead, as i'm working a certain line where i know the fish are.
lots of my takes are right when i start to go again. and this weekend, a few were actually on the stop, when the fly started it's drop.

i have the odd "secret" as well, but i keep those close to the chest.
but i think the biggest producer that i do, is the constant changing of the fly's movement. if i'm not changing my speed or turning, i'm always twitching and tugging on the rod.

i'll have to try some of your secrets. I do the same thing on small lakes but generally don't on the big ones.
do you live in fish arm area? i'm out in turltle valley............ever fish Phillips lk?

i'm in the nicola valley.
but shuswap is by far my favourite body of water to fish.

something else that worked like a damn, was trolling straight in on a creek, or run-off, and doing a fairly tight turn right as you get to the drop-off.
almost every time, as the lure was catching up and making it's turn, it would get hammered.
it had to be the change in speed. it would be moving faster as it was trying to catch up to the turn, then once it did, it would slow and fall, and would also be right near the drop-off as well.
haven't tried it this year, as what i've been doing has been working well. but it's just another tactic for when the action slows.

gearbox, is that you that took those mack squids etc off me? they were not a bad deal!
funny how things change. I had not used them in so long I got rid of them. I figured someone may as well use them. now i'm getting back into the big lakes again. anyway, thanks for the tips. I fished Okanagan lk about 200 days a year for about 7 years. I used to nail them preety good at whiteman's crk and 6 mile doing exactly what you describe.
i'm going to try my luck in the Okanagan derby june 15th so will have to remember all my old tricks by then.

haha. funny you should say that. i picked up a couple mac's squids a couple/few years ago from a pawnshop actually.
i've still never run them though. one has gotten pretty loose around the screws that hold the hooks in. that was definitely a weak-spot on them. surprised they are salmon lures with that design. i'll probably have to epoxy them back in.

i fished okanagan an average of three or more days a week almost for the last several years also. many, many a twelve hour day put in out there with nary a bite. the lures were very, very well-washed that's for sure.
best fish was just shy of 18 lbs. and had a whopper on right out from cedar creek that was even bigger. but after some aerial manouvers, he shook the hook.
i really hate that lake. not very great fishing, and way, way too many idiots once the weather is nice. it's so blah of a lake compared to shuswap.

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