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Hello, i recently purchased a larger boat but still want to fish my favorite lakes like weaver and hicks the problem is the motor excedes the 9.9 rating, but i have a 8hp kicker on the boat aswell as a 70hp outboard. Would i still be able to fish these lakes if i only used my kicker? Ive seen other boats do it alot but i just want to know if this is acctually legal.
Thanks, James
Hi Speed

you have to have your big engine raised out of the water and wrap a bag around your prop to show you are not using the big engine then use your kicker

what if you have a 9.9 hp evinrude converted to a they often show up and hand out tickets for an engine thats basically a 9.9? not saying im going to go do it im just curious if anyone has experience with that

you don't have to wrap a bag around your prop.
he's pulling your leg.
if you're using your 9.9 you're legal.
just make sure you remove 1.5 sparkplugs from your main motor to render it inactive.

Thanks for the advice guys
Tight Lines

They have a prop restriction on the river between the Okanaogan and Skaha lake. I put my 12 ft in with the motor mounted but in the up position. We wanted to float the river then jump in the boat and motor back to the campsite without having to beach it under oars or risk dropping the motor in the lake. we had no issues. My thinking is the only way any cops would act on any complaint is if someone saw you running the big motor and made a complaint. They are required to investigate citizens complaints and their own complaints. IE, speeding, running lights, stop signs. Whatever they feel is not legal. They are there to uphold the laws. Notwithstanding budget restraints

you ran your boat down the canal????
got to say, i've never seen that before.
of course there's no prop allowed, it's a swimming channel.
so, how'd you get the boat back up then?

Fishing forum > 9.9 restrictions


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