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I am going to hit the ocean in my kayak and was going to try to do some salmon fishing next week as it has started to pick up in our local waters. I was wondering how you would tie on a lure for jigging and how you would tie on a mooching setup as well.

I have all the lures, swivels, weights etc. I just dont know in what order to tie them, except that that lure goes on last. lol

Thanks people.

the info that has been bumped up is for shore fishing. I will be fishing from a kayak either mooching or jigging a lure. Jigging a lure is easy enough to setup but what will I do to rig up for mooching. I wont be trolling, I will be drifting.

Thank you

Would you be using live bait ?

Not live, no. I will try catching my own while I'm out there though. However I will buy frozen herring or anchovies.

You'll probably want to use cutplug or use some sort of teaser head.I know you said you'd be drifting,but you'd give yourself a better chance if you're able to give your bait at least some action.You can find a spot to safely anchor(not sure how this works in kayaks)or paddle slowly into the tide.This is known as "power mooching".
If you have a sounder,try locating bait and target just below the bait schools.
As far as set up,it's pretty simple.Depending on depth and tide,use 2-8oz sliding weight(banana weights work too),a good swivel,6-10' of 8-12# leader and a couple 1/0 -4/0 hooks or teaser head.Just youtube how to rig a cutplug
Get a small container to throw ice and coarse salt in with your bait,brining will help them last longer.

Thank you for the help.

I'm hitting the ocean on Monday. I should probably rethink going out there on a monday as it will be busy with freight liners coming and going.

oh well

weekends and weekdays mean nothing to freighters.just stay out of the shipping lane and you'll be could also try "hole in the wall" near the horseshoe bay terminal.less tide contend with

where is that?

Thanks a bunch

Well I ended up going to Ambleside. I didn't even get to do much fishing. I paddled out a bit, dropped my crab pot then got caught in a rip tide that I didn't even notice till I thought I was pretty far out. I started to paddle back and couldn't move from the same spot for 2hours. The tide started to come back in so I paddled back to the shore line and then back to the boat launch. All in all I was paddling for 3-4 hours straight so no time for fishing. Oh yeah, I lost my Crab Pot as well. lol

that is what scares me when you talk about being out there in a canoe/small boat. too many dangers out there !glad you made it safely!!!

I like this site for checking tides

thanks prunehands, that is now saved on my iphone. Plus I'm looking into getting a VHF radio and doing the course.
Big Dan

Its pretty easy ...Just study the book they provide you.
I just did my course and passed 96%

where did you do the course and how much was it? what do I google?

Fishing forum > Help with ocean fishing setups/rigging


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