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I've acctually been meaning to check out the bass fishing at trinity western pond since its so close to home, the only problem is I don't know where it is or the rules of it since I've only read about it on the net, love it if you could give me some insight on this,
Thanks, james

Hey, thank you very much for the detailed reply much appriciated, ill try to go check it out this weekend probually saturday since sundays mothers day :P, maby ill see ya around the pond!
Tight Lines, James

if u drive dont forget to pay for parking at the T W U campus meters .tow trucks r always on the look out.

alright i will thanks

hey i was just wanted to know if anything else works there i have not been checking the tackle box so i am not sure what i in it. any help would be deeply appreciated.

thanks yall for the info. do you think you could get the pic from the guy??

if i lived close id be there for sure...are you flyfishing for bass? that would be fun on a light setup..i enjoy all your posts..keep it up !

i'll second that mike. you have become a very valuable member of this site, along with a few other young members. keep up the great work!

ps wish I could join you but it is a bit far from turtle valley (chase)

hey little slayer im with the other guys nice to see all ur reports in the past.i been fishing trinity for a few years .now that the word is out if i can add to all the folks goin to fish this little gem .please pack ur garbage out or if see any please dispose in garbage bins by security shack.we have been reminded in the past by TWU staff not to litter or loose our little gem .as we know it only takes a few to ruin it for others.

here is a bass caught on thursday. used a silver rapala xrap. as you can see i waas very happy to catch him

hey slayer and boomdraco great pics i was there friday with my fly rod got into a few bass but not as big as yours,also about float tubes T W U does not allow the use of any water craft in there.its a liability thing for them ,after all it is private property. if y'all have any questions while your there ask security at the main shack.

glouchester is another little gem that holds big bass,if y'all can find it be very careful of the homeless folks living in there along the trails not as nice as TWU,

Headed out there in the drizzle on Sunday and had lots of luck from shore. My son caught about 7 using worms. All very close to shore. He had a blast.

I was using larger spinners and senkos, but catching nothing but grass.

Lots of fun.
Red Wool

My buddy and I were out there this past Sunday afternoon. No luck, no bites. No nothing, except one lonely turtle that surfaced, but he looked pretty big and healthy. And a family of mallard ducks was swimming around. All we caught was weeds. No luck otherwise. Tried a few different spots but it wasn't our day.

We were using everything from bass lures (which snagged really easy in the under water foliage), to rubber worms and frogs. No bites.

Try again soon.
Red Wool

Can you post a pic of what these senko's look like that you're using? That would be a great help.
Red Wool

Cool. Thanks for the help, kid! Greatly appreciated!

hey im heading to trinity today i will post what we get. hopin for a big ol bucketmouth.

wacky rig tip slide a rubber o ring or split ring to the middle of bait and put hook through thr ring, will save you a lot of $

these are the pics of the fish we caught on saturday




Nice!! Where do you get fish like that in there is it on the farside by the dock or at the drainage pipe with the rocks i cant find any big bass but the 2.

Where on earth was that?!?!?!?!?

okay so i went to trinity today and caught about six sunfish near the shore got no bites on anything but worms. wish i caught a bass.

Can you show what kind of frogs you were using?
I have used frogs there before and no luck.

i bought a live target frog and tried it out i got a couple following it but no bites. i switched to worms to get them but the sunfish got them all. lol. how do i get the bass to bite? is it a vicious retrieve or slow?
tight lines

Bad news. Was fishing there today and a TWU staff member came by and told us we should enjoy the fishing while we can. In 2 weeks, they are shocking the pond

Awesome! Finally. :D

beak, other than stopping the bucket brigade, is there a danger of the bass escaping otherwise?
if not, the bucket brigade has lots of other places to get their bass to pollute other lakes/streams so what makes you so happy about ruining what seems like a good place for kids to learn how to catch the dammed things ?
give me one guess . because you just cannot help but be an asshole ? am I correct or did you have a reason.

I agree, I've seen plenty of kids fishing in that pond with the biggest grin on their faces after pulling out a pumpkinseed. If they're going to shock it, it'd be nice to at least see them restock it with trout.

And yes, I agree with cagey, The bucket brigade could grab bass from many of the other lakes scattered around the Lower Mainland. Shocking this pond doesn't do anything but dampen the spirit of fishing in the little ones

They should 'shock' or 'rotenone' all lakes with bass. But I will continue to kill them if I end up catching them.

but it costs lots of $ to treat them. they treated from Phillips lk all the way to Skimikin lk with rotenone 3 years ago. they had to treat every little nook and cranny in every creek in between, much of it done by helicopter. it was a huge process with months of preparation. now we have 3 lakes with lots of big trout . but it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that fish and wildlife simply do not have. we are stuck with them so enjoy them but do not spread them further.

talk about coming out of hiding ! hope you have lots of stories to tell about all the fishing you have been doing . welcome back mr grey1 !

I'm heading out to Trinity this evening. Hoping for some good action. Sounds promising.

i know bass are invasive and all but come on! the salmon river has bass they gonna shock that to. or miil or any of those other places with the bass. if you guys can help me figure out when exactly this is happening maybe we can do something about. we may be able to petition it or maybe go over there and wave signs saying not to shock it. i dont know but i do know we cant just leave it be without even trying. i am going to make a thread aboutr saving it any ideas or anything will be great the more good ideas the better!!!

Why is the limit on bass only 4? If they are such a problem in BC and some places are thinking about shocking the lakes, or poisoning them, why not raise the limit?

The TWU lake is not near another large body of water that the bass could escape to if there was a flood. It's a fun fishery. What's next? Area 51? Mill lake?

From what I remember, I think they tried blasting Area 51. Didn't work. Bass are extremely tough compared to trout. I honestly believe you'd have to blast them multiple times in succession to get rid of them. So my honest feeling is that this shocking of TWU pond won't get rid of all of them anyways. They just reduce the numbers until they find themselves in the same situation a few years from now.

Was at TWU today and there were signs saying on July 16 and 17th they electrofished the pond to remove the invasive species. I walked around with my polarized glassses and it was very quiet. I did see a large carp and a few minnows. Took a few casts but nothing.

If anyone does catch anything please post. However, looks like the fun is over.

My son and I were at the pond last weekend. It was covered w/ alae and really unfishable. Looks like they were going to shock it again.

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