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fished brownsville bar this morning on the low tide. lots of people fishing. chums and jacks were sparse and few. foggy and a little windy/rainy but still good to get out. no fish for me today.

another pic

one of a few fish caught. coho jack

Do you know what lure did the person who caught salmon use?
Or what lure did you use? What section were you fishing? Do you fishing on barston island, surrey?

they all use globs of roe on a bar rig.

What is with all the jacks this year? Haven't been bar fishing yet for coho but have had friends lose roe all day and get nothing.Heard there's lots of fish upriver but no-one getting any mature fish in tidal area.When will they come in numbers or is this a down year?

Fishing forum > bar fishing lower fraser


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