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let everyone know how you did after a day on a river or lake. share your successes with your fellow fishermen.

Alouette river on saturday was decent. The chum are there in full force. I hooked 2 around 10 - 15 lbs but one snapped my rod and the other shook loose. Haven't seen any coho but I do know that the alouette and coquitlam rivers are open today for 1 hatchery coho. Don't know aabout retaining any chum though.

PS. this is the best post on here yet

Fish Garnnet lake (Summerland) for a few hours Got 2 with Doc Spratley (black) on sinking #3 line. The big Brookies (2+lbs) were cruising for shinners. Did'nt have the right fly or I would still be there.

according to all reports the lakes in the okanagan are hot. the fish are hitting flies really good. i see ziggy did well at dee lk. from what i have heard all the lakes in the area are really good. hopefully this weekend finds my flies really busy!
stink finger

you have never been able to kill cohos on the coquitlam. with all of the recent troubles of this river i can't see this changing. if you are positive please post back. dont think you can kill them on the alouette either but not 100% sure . would like to know where you got this from
stink finger

i fished chehalis on sun morn got a coho on my second cast then never toched one the rest of the day.isaw 2 or 3 others that was it the river was up and should have been loaded with them. it might have been a week early,the second week of oct is usually nuts.has anyone fished the pitt ?

They just opened the coquitlam and alouette rivers this year. They have been closed for about 5 years now. Read the salmon updates on the fisheries website, says 1 hatchery coho on these rivers per day.
I was at coquitlam river yesterday and landed a 5lb chum but didn't see any ho's. I'm sure in a week or two they will start showing up.

Coho Opportunities - Alouette River, Coquitlam River and Kanaka Creek

Effective October 15 until November 15, 2004, you may retain one (1) hatchery coho per day in the following waters:

Alouette River downstream of a line between two triangular white boundary signs in Allco Park, downstream of the Alouette River Corrections Branch;

Coquitlam River; and

Kanaka Creek downstream of the bridge at 112 Avenue.

Anglers are reminded that a hatchery coho means a coho salmon that has a healed scar in place of the adipose fin. (Fishery Notice 0842)

Updated: October 8, 2004

What do u use on the alloutte river wool?
stink finger

i think alot of guy's use single eggs worms work great for steelies (garden worms not so much dew worms) thanks for the info on openings . i still dont get these fisheries guy's

I have had luck on the alouette with spinners and roe. I haven't seen any coho yet there either but the chum sure are fun
Pink and black flies work as well. The larger the better for chum.

where do you fish on allouette r.? when i was a kid you could go anywhere but access is a problem to someone who hasn't fished in a long time.

We picked up 4 ling cod on Upper Arrow Lake on Wednesday. Picked a nice day to do it and jigged in 105 feet of water. They must have been hungry, cause we had our limit in no time, and trolled back...with no other fish in the boat. Oh time

you mean burbot?

Ling cod...aka burbot...yes...they sure are an ugly fish. We found a good way to cook them, if you don't like to batter fry. Cut the meat into cubes and boil them in salt water for just a few minutes...don't overdo them. Then you dip them in your favorite sauce. (garlic butter is good). They are the consistancy of lobster that way, and they are delicious that way.

The alouette has a lot of good spots. Just downstream of the McNeaves road bridge, 216th and upstream, 224 upstream, 232 bridge, and upstream for a while from there. Just to name a few. Just park somewhere on the river and go for a walk, its the way I did it

Are there ant coho showing up in the Aloutte River yet? Has any body got any? Went out yesterday no cohos but lots of chum really fun to catch.

a buddy of mine was up at salmon lk last weekend,it was DEAD. he said everyone got skunked.

The girlfreind caught a shiny 15+ lb chum on the coquitlam river today, still haven't seen any coho's yet.

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