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I don't know what others think but all this racism, selling junk, and bikering back and forth between people is making this web site go down FAST!!! I come on here to read about fishing like the majority of people and its just to bad that a great site like this can take such a dive. I hope osme people can grow up and respect the work people put into improving anglers skills and knowledge in BC.


The Moderator here is in way over his head.
Leaving adds for turntables up and letting racist rants stay is symptomatic of someone who doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

i know the moderator has a tough time moderating this site (i couldnt do it), but i think that there should be no warnings for people acting stupid. when they make an accont they should read the policy and if they break the policy, then they should be right away BANNED.

I agree its about time people started getting mad about these FEW people. Fishing is a fun past time and it is nice to come on here and learn how other people do it and where they go. I totally agree with steelheader get rid of these jerks. If it wasn't for this site when I started I don't know what I would have done. So thank you to all the good people out there who make this site fun and informative.
Thats it thats all

Tight lines

alex runs this site. we have to use good judgement when responding to arrogant comments or replies. there is no full time moderator unfortuneately mainly because sites like these are quite costly to run. just dont reply or respond to the few idiots that come by. lets all just help others that need info and shut out the others that are immature or trouble makers.

"there is no full time moderator unfortunately mainly because sites like these are quite costly to run. "
It's not at all costly to hit the delete button.
The problem Alex seems to have is that he lacks the judgement as to when to hit the delete button.
He leaves garbage sit for days even weeks.
Many many boards have hit the skids for just the same reason.

this topic ends now. Hey,, planning to go to the vedder/chehalis or mamquam tom. planning to fish for some springs, coho, or chum. any ideas.. I don't have that heavy of a setup. 12 pound test and stuff.. I dont think I'll be able to handle chinooks with that but any ideas. Speak!

Kid-you are in serious denial.
You can't make problems go away by saying "This ends here".
The Moderator has little idea WTH he is doing, posting are way down and the lights are slowly going out.......

how am i in serious denial???.. ya ok.. im just sick of this topic and want to talk about fishing. im sure lots of people here feel like me and obviously you arn't one of them. so say what u want but shut up about stuff other than fishing. by the way ur pics are just awesome

if i go the stave river 20lbs leader is what you'll need for those nasty bull chums in there. the vedder because of the big springs also 20lb leader. the chehalis i always use 8lb leader because the water is clear and the fish are smaller. heard the fishing was dead slow today(thanksgiving day)...very little action.

thanks man,, finally someone who will talk about fishing anyone have reports from mamquam or anything that way??

No, but can tell you of a new fishing website that will blow your socks off if u want.

the moderator has a tough job. it is immensely time consuming. there does seem to be a big problem though at this site. the rules should be complied with and those who want to get off the topic of fishing (swearing, racistcomments ,selling turntables and generally being a jerk) should first be warned and then removed from the site. we need to talk about fishing. i fished the upper river friday. it was slow with tons of fishermen. i am going to start a new topic, "fishing reports". let's keep it at the top of the list by updating it on a regular basis. this can be a great site. lets not let a few ruin it.

Hey duke, whats the website you are talking about??? If you want you can email me the site I don't have time for the crap around here, when I come to this site I expect to find people TALKING about fishing not complaining about everything else
On the other hand I can tell that there are a lot of nice people here too. Hopefully something will be done before this site gets taken out with the tide

Yah man what website are u talking about?
surgeon sturgeon

dude new site i'm begging you
surgeon sturgeon

dude new site i'm begging you
surgeon sturgeon

dude new site i'm begging you
surgeon sturgeon

dude new site i'm begging you

I remember a while ago when i would come to this website there would always be new topics and new replies all the time. Now it seems like every other week someone comes on here and makes a post or a reply this site has very low useage now it seems like and is it becasue of all the crap non fishing stuff ? or is it becasue people are to scared to post something becasue there people on here that post bad stuff about what people dont know ? People should post on here no matter what the question is even if the question seems dumb to them but maybe it isnt to other people, also if the moderator is haveing a tuff time filltering out these people that like to start problems maybe there should be more than just one or two of them maybe there should be more

Playground of the elites?

the only way to coast is downhill.

This site is awesome............

i think so too salley! why not end this negative posting and get back to talking fishing!

Thanks for the plug Beak007, I always knew you were a great guy. Elitests? No. People that actually get out and fish? Yes.

I'm not the most experienced angler but I have been fishing on and off for most of my life.
I try to respond to any posting I can be of help with and wish others would do the same.
Seems like people couldn't be bothered to...very sad

sigh........i wish this thread would just dissappear. only 2 wishes left.

I wonder what Alex's day job is. Must be important to let this moderator job slide. Frick - I have nothing better to do, pick me to be the new moderator! Whoo hooo!

Fishing forum > This site is going downhill FAST


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Wed, Feb 28, 2018
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