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I am saving money to become a fly fisherman. What are basic equipment I need and how much are they?
Does anyone know what kind of flies should I use in Green Timbers Lake, Bountzen Lake, Sasamat Lake and any other popular lakes in Greater Vancouver Area?
where is the most popular for learner to practice fly fishing?

i was hoping someone from down your way would respond as they know where the decent sports shops are. for trout a 5 or 6 wt rod will do fine. rather than get something really cheap it is best to spend $75 or thereabouts on the rod. hunt around and find a half decent reel to match with an extra spool or get 2 reels. you want a floating line and some sort of sinking line. there are expensive lines but scientific anglers has decent stuff in the $40 range for lines. all you need then is some backing and leader, and of course flies then go for it. you can practice anywhere you have some room. there is a web site that gives a real good explanation as to how to cast. find a decent sports shop and ask questions then hunt around for the best price. good luck. hope this helps.

Thank you so much, I have saved a bit of money and don't want to waste it in some useless stuff. The information you gave is sufficient, where do you usually flyfishing will have a great result?

Where could buy fly fishing supply with low price and high quality? Do you have any suggestion? How do you think about Canadian Tire? How much is sunglasses with the function of block water flash on the surface of water? It is cool, and I want it so much. Hope it isn't too expensive.
Louis Vuitton

Um, Canadian tire? does the the name have "fly shop" written anywhere in it. Nopers. I suggest, depending on where you live, iether Berry's Bait and Tackle, or Michael and Youngs. Ruddicks is also good, but a bit pricier. Depends on how much of what you need. An in-expensive fly shop? Never heard of one. You get what you pay for, so sticking to a certifide fly shop will get you good gear, even if it does seem expensive, its better to spend one lump sum, then to keep having to fork out money because you decided to get bad gear.

Tight Lines.

Hey Fi-do not sure where you live, but I get all my supplies from Gills in Langley, The people there are very, very helpful. And always willing to spend time with you to show you what you do and don't need. They won't just sell you stuff to make a sale. And they always know where is hot and what to use there. Barrys Bait is a good one too. When I started I spent about $200 on a rod and reel. But soon realized that I needed more than that. Wadders and a floattube seemed where also needed. Be very careful fly fishing is like a drug, very addictive. I started a bout 2 years ago and have spent close to $1000 since then. worth evey penny!!!

good luck and tight lines!!

yeah flyfishing sure isn't cheap. go where theres experience and service like gills in langly bypass or where i went at berrys bait and tackle. still have my 7wt flyrod i bought 7 years ago at around 250.00. berrys also has a flyfishing field in the back where you can spend time learning to cast. perpare to spend money in this field. oh yeah...those water flash block glasses are called polaroids....there onn sale at canadian tire for 10.00 if you need some.
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Isnt a Polaroid a picture that is created when the emulsion that is light sensitive is exposed to the air while shaking it?

The lenses are "polarized". They reduce the glare that is given off by the liht reflecting off the top layer of water. They do not completely illiminate it, but they can come really close to it. The more you spend on a good pair, the better they will function. Also, when you buy them, I suggest goin to a fly shop for them and asking them what shade of lense is best suited fot the type of fishing you'll be doing. There are, I beleive, around six different shades. They range from amber, to light grey, and yellow. Each shade for differnt conditions. I dont' believ it is neccesary for you to have all those as a begginer, although i might suggest taht you might want to purchase them over the years.

Tight Lines.

How much do you think I can buy with about $134?
If you are the one to spend these money to buy fly fishing equipment, what basic equipment will you buy?

Hate to say ir bud but, you might just want to try Wallmart or Canadian tire. Cheap rods most with reels, they sell nice little cheap fly packages wich will have a few different types of flies to use. Some of of the rod and reel packages even come with fly line and backing, then all tou will need is a leader. Good luck!! And even more like with tying your first knotts for your leader. Good time of year to start and to learn.

Tight lines
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Head to Berrys Bait and Tackle. They will hook you up good. They always help the begginner fly fisher out. Ask for Roy or Brian or Scott. Tell them that Jordan the asian kid told you about them. And that Tiffin says high. They'll help you out, no doubt. Even with that little amount of money.

Tight lines,

Fi-do...I would recommend trying to buy a decent used outfit rather than going the Walmart route. This is specially true for fly fishers. You can overcome a reel with crappy bearings with a little more weight but casting a fly rod all day will kill your arm if its a cheap rod. The rod is responsible for taking the energy and momentum from your arm and shooting it down the fly line. Different materials will do that task with varying degrees of ease. Same hold true with line! Reels are not so important for trout class rods. You dont need a drag system...all they really do is hold line while in transit . One with cartridges is nice IF you have different types of fly line to use.

Polarized glasses are an important tool but not essential...I wouldnt scrimp on a rod to get polarized glasses too. 3 Vets has a good selection of cheap ones ($15 give or take). Get ones that sit close to the face, they wont let light get in around the edges.

good luck


I happen to have some good fly fishing gear I'd let go cheap

I live in MT.

Would include
string & leaders & fly's
hip waders

the pole and case alone were $250
I'd sell all my stuff for that price, includeing waders, boots, tackle etc....

lemme know if your interested


Fly fishing is very fun, once you get the hang of it. I still have some of my stuff kickin around but I will be useing it next year for the pinks, I started off with a dragon Fly expedition 6 wt not the greatest fly rod but its good enough for what I wanted it for, it came with the reel and I paid I think around 200.00 for the rod and reel,

also the glasses help out alot but not needed right away, I started off with the candian tire kind they were like 20.00 about 4 years ago and they worked and kept me happy. I have new ones now that cost me just over $400.00 but thats becasue my eyes were going on me, there also a normal sunglass also prescription lenses with the polaroid and there very nice to see out of but the difference between 20.00 and 400.00 glasses is a huge difference way better quality for seeing they stay tight to my face. only in time you will get there, I remember when I was young getting my allowance saveing up for my fishing equipment and it was hard to do, eventually you will get what you want just dont give up.... GOOD LUCK
salmon assasin

i would say at least 300$ set up some of my friends have these candain tire rods and they dont even load up properly so dont cheap out on gear babcocks fly and tackle has a sage Le ,fenwick real with 2 spools and lines 1 float and 1 intermidate sinkwith leaders and everything as for green timbers lake olive sparkle wooly buggerwill do the job every time dont cheap out on gear!

What did your friend buy? Where does he fish? Did he bought something that is extra?
salmon assasin

sorry i have the 300$ 1 friends have like 50$ 1

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