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Does anyone know how to fishing in Green Timbers Lake. I am trying to catch something there but never success. What kind of method should I use. Spinner and egg roe fail me. What type of lure should I use?

the fish are all hatchery raised in that lake which means the majority are small fish. use power bait red or orange with float or without. other baits are worms and small shrimp.use 6lb test line with small hooks.

thank you very much.

Do you which part of the lake should I fishing? It looks just like the same with gravvel in the bottom. And it is too risky to cast close to the weeds in the midde. I had lost a spinner in those weeds. Why part of the lake do fish feed?

lots of questions i see! depending how many fish are left in the lake i would stay near the creek area and the island. dont bother with spinners or other lures. this lake requires patience to fish so don't get may take several hours to get a bite.
The Yak

call Surrey Parks and rec and find out when they are going to stock it next. It gets fished out fast being that it's an Urban Lake

Thank YOu Guys, I will report my achievement to you.

Unfortunatly, I have been fishing there with no result. I took me about 2 hour waiting and spinning my lure to be bited. I used salmon eggs in the bottom. At the same time, I tried spinner, spoon and jig with other rod. No Luck at all.
There was a fly fishing man who is using wet fly on the shore. He said he had a bite but too slow to set the hook on the trout. I have been told that the lake should be stock at the end of September. But we both doubt about it.

so you were fishing with one rod with a rig oon the bottom, and AT THE SAME TIME USING one rod spinner fishing?? NOT ALOWED READ YOUR REGS
Louis Vuitton

Hey! Where is this lake (obiously in the Surrey area, I know), but like where exactly? And, What are the regs on this lake. I think I read somewhere that it has an age restriction. I don't know though for sure. I'm 17 and want to hit up with a friend for some float tubing and some woolly-bugging.The pic makes it look like a good fly fishing lake, like that it would and does get hatches, and that it would fish well on a wet fly like a woolly bugger or a Corixa (water boatmen). Maybe a nymph alont the reeds. Don't know though, cause I dont know where it is. Any help would ge great.

Tight Lines!

This lake is about 5 minutes away from guilford mall, when you get there , there is a sign that sais no entry into the water ex. no swimming, float tubes etc, i used to fish there all the time and i was wadeing out there cause i was fly fishing and didnt want to back cast and hit the people walking around and some guy that was going aroung cleaning up told me to get out of the water so just to let you know your not allowed in the water there.

i have caught tons of fish in this lake all useing a green sparkle leach with a very slow retrieve, also a very flashy bright streamer type fly, i was there and some guy said use something bright to wake them up as soon as i changed i was catching fish like crazy i also heard that power bait works well in there but never tried it cause i was useing my 2 flies and every second cast i would have a FISH ON

As for fishing now there i dont know how well it is because of the season but im sure you should be able to get something there, but its just a little harder, when you first arrive there and you walk down the path keep walking straight down to the water and fish there and to the right there is a little stream that flows in there that whole area is the best place to fish i would always see little risers pop up there just small fish in there but its fun also some big brood stocks in there
Louis Vuitton

Hey FF. Thanks alot. Umm, What is in this lake. Like, obviously trout, but anything else? And, are they all hatcher Rainbows, or are there any wild? Any Cutties or anything else? What flies did you use (besides the sparkle leech) and what techniques? What did the streamer look like, cause There are alot of streamers in my fly box for salmon and Dollies. Any answeres would be great. Plus, are there any age restrictions, and if me and a friends wade out at all, are they actually gonna do anything about it, such as a fine, or anything?

Thanks alot, and Tight Lines!!

hey fishfreak..good to see your back. its been a while.

Hey, Thanks

As for that lake ther is no age restriction there you wont get a fine for going into the water they will tell you to get out like they did for me or they might even tell you to leave also who knows, there is small cat fish in there as well as sun fish VERY SMALL the streamers i used were like an inch long they looked like a few strands of either gold or silver tinsel cast as far as you can then do a slow retreve (slow) there is big brood stock in there also but have never seen any of them there most likely pretty ugly..

There might be more types of fish in there also cause people go and dump there fish from home in there , i know there is cutties in there i have caught a few the biggest about 12 inches the rainbows i caught were about 10 to 13 inches but not very many alot of them are small i used my 6 WT fly rod and they scrap prety good hope this helps you out ..

I think most fish in Green Timber Lake have been fished out. They rarely stock the lake cause the population of fish decrease dramatically under the heavy fishing in urban forest. When did you fish to have this amazing result. How do you think about fishing in winter and fall in this lake? I guess fish might forze during the winter because the lake isnt very deep.

anybody been to latimer lake lately to see the low water levels there. they say it way below normal this time of year.

Ya go to todays provinceon page a15, theres a story about it there.

How was the lake? I used to fish in latimer lake with worm or shrimp. If I am lucky, a couple of rainbow trout will be landed. I knew there are lots of crap, bluegill and other coarse fish as well. But I have ever caught any of them with certified size.
Once I had lost one of my new expensive spinner in lake by stupid garbage in the bottom. I wish I could found that while water level is low.

I went to Green Timber Lake again. This time I didn't caught any. However, I discovered that there are lots of slugs hiding under the stone. I believe it will change my result.

Has anyone catch anything in this poor lake?

phone the city of surrey to see when they will be stocking the lake next. its a urban lake so it gets fished out quite quickly....maybe thats why you are having such bad luck. btw don't worry abouit the slugs you want to find water bugs instead.

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