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next week my dad is taking me fishing at sasamat lake please, please tell me a set up that i can use im goin to be catching small trout can u explain it also and if its possible show a picture of the line up thanks!

still on the search for my first fish!!!!!!!!!!!
please help!

this is the rod i have right now this is what it says

Rod- TCR345W Walleye Special
6ft.6in.2 pc spinning. Medium
Model No. TCR-345W . Line weight 8-12lb .lure wieght 1/4- 1/2oz.

Will i catch anything or is it all bad?

Are you gonna be spincasting or fishing under a float?

im not sure which is better?

im really new to fishing its goin to be my 4th time this weekend.
hopefully i catch somthing the last place i went was sasamat in the summer but my dad said the fish are to low. so i just gave up and my dad said will try again once we know the right stuff! so yah

No devico your all set. The set up you have will do the trick. Ill give you a link so you can see what you have to do as far as setting up your rig. Also like someone stated earlier, patience is the most important thing while fishing. You may not catch a fish at first. But the fact that you are out there, trying, learning, experiencing, is what makes it fun and why people do it. When you actually get a fish, well then, its like fireworks from there. You'll get frustrated, but try not to. Fishing is not just about going out and catching dinner, well for some people it is, but its more a kind of lifestyle rather then a chore.
Anyway keep at it and when you do get a fish on your line just remember what you were doing when it hit and keep doing that. In no time you'll get your technique down and you'll be a good angler.

This link you can learn about differant trout:

This a good site for tips and starting out:

this pic is kind hard to understand but it will give you a rough idea of how your setup should look...

If your still having trouble do a yahoo search of "trout tackle"

Actually the pic is for salmon fishing. But the spinners at the bottom are good for trout fishing.
Have a spinner at the end of your line and attach a couple split shots above the spinner. Place a worm on the hook and cast off near rocks, dropoffs, cliffs, logs, ect... retreave slowly.

Wow! thanks guys!!! is next week a good time to go or not?

so i just rell in slowly? or do i do float fishing

so i just rell in slowly? or do i do float fishing

devico, I dont mind helpn ya out with theses questions one bit. You remind me of when I first became interested in fishn, I was always askn questions and stuff too.
Now, give me the facts.
What lake will you going to?
When do you plan on going?
Fishing from shore or a boat?
What kind of tackle do you have, like spoons/spinners ect...?
You have a choice, you can put a float on one rod and cast it into the water and let it sit there.(with a worm)
Or you can cast and retrieve. Cast, let the lure sink for about 5 slow-seconds depending on how deep you are, the deeper the longer you let it sink. Then reel in slowly. Picture the lure in the water and make it act like food! Like a worm just swimming through the water. Think of a fish swimming around and seeing the worm. You want that fish to eat the worm right, so you got to "tease" the fish into biting. While your retrieving, twitch your rod back then reel in. Keep doing that, twitch - reel in slowly.
Takes time but thats how its done!

Sasamat lake
This saturday.
I hade pictures but the battery is low so i cant upload them i have a rooster tail with pink and green wool. a small black lure spinner with 3 hooks 5 floats all different sizes. weights. small hooks i lost my panther martin on the rocks
thats all i got thanks

well im off to bed good night

Well I've never fished sasmat. Herd it wasent very good fishing so I never went. I wouldnt know any spots out there. But if you do go try the floating docks. Drive past the main entrance and head up the road. You'll see some cars parked on the side, thats where you park. Find the trail leading to the lake and then your on the docks. Ive seen people fish off there but never seen them get anything. Not sure if it would be worth it for ya to go there, but you decide.
Try The Capalano Cable Pool if you wanna increase your chances of catching a trout.

ok i'll go there then i have one of those lures u told me to get i had it along time ago its pink though is that ok?

but it only has 4 balls and 1 on top and a pink thing on top its all pink but the lure is gold. should i buy another colour and should i buy more then 1 cuz will i lose some?

In your other post (fishng Help) I said to buy a wedding band lure. So you should get one of those. Try and match the lure colour to the worm- pink! The thing you have is fine too.
G-Luck, let us know how you do

ok how about if i cant find the exact colour of lure u got there cuz when i went to look they were just one colour and what do u mean match the colour of the worm is brown is the best colour?

Dont worry about the colour man. Just get a wedding band and put a worm on it and throw it in the water.

ok i'll try thanks!

have u gone there to fish last week

my dad said that. that place is very dangious and many people had fell in so i dont think fishing off a 10 foot cliff is verry smart?


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