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Hello i need some help trying to fish i got a rod and everything but i think im goin to the wrong lakes can someone tell me some good lakes and some things to use to catch! please! thank you!

if your around surrey langley there is latimer lake. use worms shrimp or power bait....small hooks and light line. easy lake to fish. look for the deep hole in the front.

thanks do u kno any close to vancouver?

Try Buntzen, from the little pier, or Sasamat from the bridge.

try burnaby lake or deer lake in burnaby. they get stocked with trout but there are other species there as well. if your in vancouver then there is rice lake in north vancouver.

whats the lake in north van?

I've heard lots of good stuff about sasamat but when i go i cant hook a thing! i toss a small lure and a small wieght in and reel in slowly. what im i doing wrong!

I also tried burnaby lake and deerlake before and did'nt catch anything! have u ever fished there if u have what did u use and what spot of the lake? thanks!!!!

devico, do you have a small boat?

no im just a kid my dad trys to always take me fishing cuz i want to. but he does'nt kno where to go!

Get him to take you to Cable pool at the Capalano River. There you can use wedding bands with worms and a small plastic float. Cast off the rocks and let it sit. a trout will hit it soon enough. Make sure you've got a license and dont use bait till October 1st. Theres a bait ban in effect now till then.
You sould have fun fishing there.

my dad went to a shop and asked if kids needed a lisence but they dont just 16 and older. what kind of fish are they in there trout right?... thanks for the infromation!

a wedding band whats that and where can i get it? thanks

This is a wedding band. You can buy them at WalMart or Army&JNavey or anywhere they sell fishing tackle.
Good Luck

does it matter how big the hook is? i'll proablly go sunday do u have to hike to get there or can u get there by road because is'nt the cable pool small and at the end? does it matter what rod u need?

well next sunday cuz of the rule thing... i've tried sasamat lake cuz people were saying its great on this other website but i guess it was wrong at least here the people are nice and tell u exactly what to use Thanks alot!!

Try this link...

sasamat lake is a very tricky lake most times. fish would be jumping at the surface yet they bite deep near bottom. remember the first rule of being a must have patience. there are so many tricks of the trade for you to learn and it will take years to become a good fisherman. i started just like you devico...don't know where to fish or what to use.

thanks both of u el nino im goin to try this sunday or maby when it gets colder and troutfisher thanks for the mapp its a little confussing but is there sighs there that tell u where to go cuz i'll proablly get maked up!

Take HWY 1 westbound and take the Capalano Exit. Stay to the right and take a right at capalano. Go up the road, past the suspension brigde, and make a left at capalano pard road. Be carfull its a tricky left turn and you'll probably miss it the first time. Then follow this road down to the very end and park in the parking lot. Make your way down the trial and into Cable Pool.
Be Very Carfull On The Rocks!!! Especialy if they are wett.
Have fun!

wow thanks i hope i catch some. today i went crab fishing with the net i caught 2 dugons and 2 red rocks since it was pro d day my dad brought me

o and where can i buy some real worms for bait? thanks!
The Yak

Any tackle shop will carry worms dev... Where do you live?.. Im sure someone will point you to one that is close.


FYI gas stations around fishing spots usually carry dew worms as well.

I am wondering do I require a freshwater fishing license at that cable pool in North Van? Thanks

do i use a wight with the float and the wedding band?

You use a weight with the wedding band by itself. If you have a float on with the wedding band then you use no weight.

ok thanks!

Sasamat is great. u just didnt know how to fish it.. look closer to the other fisherman.. Most use floats.. with slip weights... and bait.. shrimp..worms.. etc. get a stopper so you can reach the depths.. light gear as possible. and dont worry about casting far.. unless you got a swimmer around. gl and tight lines..or float gone...................p
The trout

hey, I hope you hit the cap sunday with your dad, the cable pool is a great place to learn because there's always people there to ask and observe. I will be there with my dad sunday also, it is filled with coho salmon and maybe in a week or two pinks aswell, I get there ten muinets before first light so I can rig the rods and tie in my gear. as you have been told the rocks are very slipery and especuily when wet ( witch it will be sunday).
don't back down because of rain though, it will let more fish to run up the system and make for better fishing. I will be on the rocks down by the water under the platform, with a fly rod and with my dad, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

tight lines!
Trout out
fisher 696

uh... Just a note...You two gentlemen are responding to a post that is 3 yrs old.....Don't expect an answer from the poster.

LOL holy crap!

This thread was brought back from the dead!

i can continue the questions because i'm also a beginner fisherman. i used to go lots as a kid and was very successful, buntzen lake with small hooks and bread dough was magic. now seems like all the fish are always full!
i've been using a float and a hook and have had zero bites casting from shore (how i use to do it when i was a kid) and i've also casted and sank to the bottom and reeled in. (few tugs + bites but not many) so going onto our 4th weekend for fishing we try to get out there around 7-8am and were thinking of just bringing our inflatable boats and start to go trolling. we've seen people use 5-6 flashers with a hook on the end when they go trolling so we'll try that also... and if that fails then we'll just go to a deep area of the lake and just sink the hook to the bottom and hope for the best. any other suggestions? were using shrimp, worms, bread dough, and some neon trout stuff that smells like plastic. shrimp and worms have worked the best so far. when i was a kid i used to cast reel and would get a small fish almost every cast. those were the fun days when i could collect 10-15 fish in a bucket and then let them free. (this i was buntzen lake)

I find that Sasamat is best fished in the spring and fall, and Buntzen as well. Had really good luck trolling a large red Doc Spratley, as well as Apex Trout killers.
But the most sucessful fishermen at Sasamat generally do use bait and bobber, yellow powerdough or shrimp seem to be the baits of choice

get a syringe from the drugstore store..some small splitshot and some slip-sinkers(egg sinkers)....slide slip-sinker on and tie on a hook...10-14 inches up place a small splitshot between the hook and the slip-sinker ......attach worm to hook...inflate your worm will float 10-14 inches above the bottom...wait for a bite...and Bob's yer Uncle...adjusting the depth of your worm is as simple as sliding the splitshot up or down your line...)


"inflate your worm" - are you serious? You mean you can actually do that? Holy crap!

Thats cruel.

and putting a hook thru them isn't????....hehehe


great thanks for the replies. i think i'm gonna try pitt or sasamat over the long weekend. didnt have the time to go for it last weekend.

please excuse my lack of fishing linguo, whats a slip shot? in between the hook and the weight?

does anyone know any lakes that dont have a gate closing time? we went to buntzen yesterday and they close at 8pm now so it wasnt really worth it for us to go out and fish especially cause the dock was packed and my boats needed to be inflated. names of rivers would be nice too i doubt they have a closing time. thanks

split shot* are little round weights that do not need to be tied onto the line; instead, they are round and kind of like a clam. You put the line in the "mouth" and use a pair of pliers and clamp it shut. No need to tie knots, they'll stay on the line, and most of them are re-usable. They come in small sizes so you can attach just enough weight to keep the bait down but light enough so the line can still float naturally in the water.

oh. i thought those shown in the picture were slip sinkers. so if those are slipshots then whats a slip sinker?

a slip-sinker is a piece of lead shaped like an egg with a hole thru the middle lengthwise....allows the line to hold near the bottom....but the fish don't feel the weight on the initial take..)


i see... so getting a variety of lead ball sinks are a must to create a realistic appetizing hook? my current lines consist of 1 float setup with 1/8oz approz 3 feet from the float and a hook tied in the middle of this.(this worked the best when i was young.
2nd setup has 1/4 oz weight on the bottom with a very small float 3 feet up from that to make sure the bait stays floating rather than lying on the lake floor.(this setup is to cast into deep waters and aim for the bottom fish. and of chourse a hook in between the float and the weight. (i'm not 100% certain on the weight sizes as i use stick style weights (pen shaped weights))
my hooks always have a extra peice of string that i tie onto the acuall line off the real so the hook can swim as it feels.
i wont getinto my trolling setup as we havent trolled properly in my opinion.

2 weeks in a row now with nothing. using cooked shrimp.
even a tiny fish would be more fun than nothing

my firends are somewhat even less experienced than i and are having the same luck. some times they use no bait, just the artificial bait that comes with attached to hooks.

since we dont really have boats shall we just start to try river fishing? ocean fishing? lake fish seem to not like us. or are our methods just totally off.

thanks again.

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