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hey i wanted to know if you can still fish for sturgeon. i wanted to try to catch one this summer but i gt vaught up in the hole salmon thing. DOse anyone know how to fish for them like what supplies you need and stuff. and what the bottom of the river has to be.

We've got this one today above Mission. Generally, fishing for sturgeon is slow right now, but it will get better in October. Sturgeon prefers to stay in deeper places waiting for the food "to be delivered" by the current. You should know the riverbed quite well to find fishing holes. (Check Trip Planner for Sturgeon fishing places.) Then generally you move from one place to another every 30-40 minutes or so.

Heavy equipment is required (100-150lb line, including 1ft leader, 20-22 oz weight to keep it from bouncing off the bottom, #5/0 hook). At this time of the year remaining parts of sockeye or other fish will do (rotting fish is the best bait). Roe works well as always (you may tie it with a thread to keep it safe on the hook or use roe sacks).

Setup is simple - connect the leader to the main line via a large swivel and also use another one to attach the weight (freely sliding on the main line to feel the take better).

Then you anchor your boat and wait for the chase

P.S. When setting the hook, make two strikes as it may feel that there is no fish on the first strike (due to the large weight you are also bouncing and the depth).

"rotting fish is the best bait"
In fact nothing could be farther from the truth.
The best bait is the freshest stuff you can find whether it be Oolichans, Ditch Eels, Dew Worms, Roe, Salmon Bellies/Gills/Guts.
The idea that roting fish is decent bait comes from 5th rate fishermen who spend little time on the river and have no access to fresh bait.
Sturgeon have incredibly sensitive olfactory senses as any experienced fisherman knows.
Go Fresh or Stay Home!!!
Also-no need to use more than 16 ounces of weight or 50 pound test line-heavy weights/line are for newbies.

All my knowledge comes from Tom (the second guy on the picture) who is a professional fishing guide - he is out there every day. There were 7 boats out. We were one of the two to get a fish that day. But you might be right.

We use fresh bait and do quite well. This was last weekend.

The Yak

I believe you are totaly right Rodbreaker but.... you could have said that a bit nicer.. We could have done with out the insult...come on man... we are all here to help...
The Yak

Group Hug???
Kai the Guy

What a silly de-bait, but I think I understand all the fusion!! Everyone knows that the best bait for Sturgeon are rotting worms that have been packed in borax and then injected w/ WD-40 that have bee semi-pre digested by a healthy fresh fish! You need to prep the bait by burying it under a rotting tree stump at midnight under a full moon. When you harvest your bait you have to turn around 3 times chanting "BIG fish, that's my wish!" while hopping on one leg. Did I mention you had to be nude during all of this? Once you get it all back home, immediately mail me $20. THAT's the best bait! Try it!
Ya know, I've found Sturgeon the EASIEST fish to catch in the Fraser, next to bullheads and squaw fish!! Check teh link below for more tips, including stuff on anchoring that I never thought about before;

too funny

Has anyone been out this week? If so where are the monsters hiding
surgeon sturgeon

i sturgeon fish every second friday and also know thomas in the picture who is an awsome guide

he means a half dead floater

the tie up is wright because you might be like me looking for that 12 foot sturgeon

and i've always used fresh bait and prefer roe with spidder line

if i'm above 16 oz i feel the current is to fast most of the time inless you up by pegleg where thomas took you and that's where all the big ones are this year

Fishing forum > sturgeon fishing.


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