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im a 12 year old kid and i love fishing i was wondering if any one could tell me were i could catch fish any knd of fish as much information would be helpful spinning tackle i will catch crappie northern pikeminnows bass rainbow trout brook trout anything just please help me i must know were to fish!

ah man im 14 and i need the same information as you do...try below ruskin dam thats a fun place to go :P

Well where do you guys live?

I live in mission B.C. (sorta near abbotsford if u diodnt know where it is) but im not shure about him:P
general sturgeon

go to the end of glenmore road in abbotsford and hook some decent sturgeon or some salmon
kokanee King

If you have access to a boat the NW side of Hatzic lake (along the rock 'Bluffs') will be KILLER right now for Crappie. Small lead head jigs with sparkle blue tubes cast right up on shore then jigged back will knock'em dead. 50 fish days no prob. My friend caught a HUGE one last year there. I will see if I can find the pic...HUGE!! Cheers
kokanee King

Here is the Pic..
Louis Vuitton

Aaah, that is big. One of my friends met this guy at this spot that he was fishing for bass and the guy caught a 2lb Crappie. It was huge!

hmm ive always wanted to try hatzic lake befor but never really got the chance...what other kind of fish are there in there? is there big catfish???(i heard there was)I have no acces to a boat so i mean fishing off shore.
Coho Cody

well your name says buntzen so why dont you fish
The trout

Buntzen is actually doing pretty good now. I too am a young fishermen and have gone up to buntzen recently. It is decent I catch at least one every time.
Louis Vuitton

Is Buntzen float-tubable, and if so, where should one concentrate their efforts in a float tube. I've never been there, so I don't know how big the lake is, or if its super windy, or where the trout usually are. Any info would be great. Remember, we don't have a boat, so we'll be kicking around in a tube.

fisher 696

The lake is better fished from a canoe in my opinion, however a float tube will work for sure. Drive down to the dock, unload yer gear & go park. From the dock kick around the island to the left. It is a large lake, perhaps 1/2 the size of Harrison. I believe that there is a trail that circles the lake. I have heard of people catching good size trout in many areas and at a variety of depths. The lake has spots that are hundreds of feet deep.

ive always wanted to try hatzic lake befor but never really got the chance...what other kind of fish are there in there? is there big catfish???(i heard there was)I have no acces to a boat so i mean fishing off shore.
kokanee King

I have only fished hatzic from shore once. got skunked.. but I am FAR from a skilled shore fisher so someone who understands species specific techniques and where/when to target them could prob do well there. I have seen or caught; Bass (LM), Squaw (Pike-Minniow), Crappie and Rainbow there. As far as close to the F.V. goes I would give Hatzic 2 thumbs up (Mainly 'cuz'O the crappie.) Cheers

That is a Beutiful fish Koke King. Did you eat him? What do those kind of fish taste like..... never had them before.
kokanee King

Thats not me in the pic, but that bad girl was released! kept lots of smaller ones thought and on the 'good eats' Hierarchy of fish I would place Crappie # 3 right behind Walleye(#1)Burbot(#2) IMO. Kokanee are damn good 2!

is there big catfish in hatzic lake??? by the main road there is like a river lookin thing i heard there is some in there

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