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I've been using fluorocarbon line for my leader and I don't think my knots have been holding as well as w/ mono. line.

Anyone have any preferences on what type of knots they use for fluorocarbon line (to attach the hook or gear, not fly fishing)?

I've googled it and seen some interesting solutions. I'd like to get some more opinions. Thanks.

interesting opinion but your 2 cents is now worthless....the lowest you can go is 5 cents unless using a credit card... get with it old grey 1 !!!

ps welcome back .

so what type of knots do you use? i've had similar experience as mr grey1 with the same brands (but during summer) but i keep hearing the virtues of the stuff so am willing to try again.

For flourocarbon leaders I've tried them all and IMHO the one to use is Seaguar InvisX. Use this line for leaders all year long. Here's a link to the knots to use and as mentioned really lube up the knot (spit on it) and slowly tighten it down.

All flourocarbon lines are not the same.Like a couple others said,Seaguar is very good.I don't mind suffix eihter.I use a polymer knot.
All that said,I don't think it very neccessary for steelhead.I use good old ultra green

It's great to hear everyone's opinion. This morning I lost my second fish when the leader broke or knot became untied right at the end where the hook was.

I use Berkley Vanish and do wet the knot as I tie it.

Instead of using a Clinch knot, like I normally do, I was thinking about trying a Palomar knot. This I saw this:

And I think I'll be trying it.

Thanks. I'll probably switch my line choice. Nobody has anything positive to say about Vanish.

I'm not sure exactly where the line breaks. I just noticed that a lot of leader is left and the break is close to the hook as opposed to in the middle of the leader or higher up. I'll buy some good fluorocarbon for this Fall.

Fishing forum > fluorocarbon knots?


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