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as the post asks....i am still in a foot of snow although i notice my 12 ft aluminum has come out of the snow bank so i can now fish shuswap lk soon. anyone hitting the veeder lately. with all the rain there should be some stories to tell.

The vedder has been not that good this year. Yes there a re lots of guys getting fish but considering there are probably 200+ people a day fishing, its pretty slow. Most lml systems have received lower than average #s of fish so far but more angling pressure.

I've seen maybe two inches of snow all winter...waters are pretty low up here right now.just started raining tonight..hopefully it will bring the water up abit..fished 3days last 2 steelhead..maybe will get out tomorrow..for sure monday !! tightlines.

im talking north island..didnt notice you asked bout vedder.

i should have added you to the question mike. i do not know why you bother, only 2 stealhead this week and no snow. i have a foot where it has not been disturbed and 4 feet where my buddy cleared the roof for me. and you can walk on it!

smokin, thanks for confirming my belief. even the sport shop reports have not been good. i have been waiting for it to pick up to make a trip down but when.......just can't afford to go down and find the river blown out or too low. oh well, shuswap lk should be just waiting for all the bucktails and minnow patterns i tied this winter. last spring we caught the end of the big days of 10 fish over 20 iches in 5 hours. with my improved b'tails i can't imagine how i will handle all the fish..............can't wait.

wait til april when the weathers better, less anglers and more enjoyable
Sons of Angling

hey cag been tying a few buks myself interested in what u use and or others...any pics kinda new to the whole bucktailing..basically been copying kootney flies with a little twist..the twist is there not as good lmao.. the first bow trolling okanagan of 2013 lastweekend ..pretty stoked..tight lines men

in the big lakes bucktailing is the only way.
i used to fish okanagan lk a lot , trolling really fast with the fly right on the surface.
last year i fished shuswap lk quite a bit , using flies i had tied. we did really well. we trolled at a normal slow speed fishing either near the surface or on the downrigger from 20 to 35 feet.
the flies i've had most luck with were smaller than the ones they use on kootenay. especially early as the fish are feeding on the newly hatched salmon. in okanagan they are more after kokanee so bigger flies can be good.
i posted a couple of photos of ones i tied this winter. you can see them on my profile. i've tied over 75 since last summer, everyone slightly different so i have lots to choose from, i recently tied some real small minnows which i am going to try next week or whenever it warms 6 inches of the white stuff today. i am tired of snow and need to go fishing!

If it makes you feel better Cagey,all the rivers down here are blown out for the near future.Should be good once it dries out but it's calling for lots more rain

what a day !! water was so high..then it started to drop..then it was "fish on" my brother caught and released a beauty hatchery buck and lost two..I lost 4 ..they all put up a huge took off and jumped and danced..another was huge..16lbs plus easy..thats a monster for our far best day ive had steelheading..rain tonight and tomorrow..should be great as well...tightlines.

ohhh so jealous

Yeh Mike,i got to admit.I like your reports of you getting skunked and falling on your ass better.
sharphooks moderator

prunehands, jealousy will get us no where. (and am i ever jealous mike!)

What's worse is ... The wife is taking the kids to the Island for spring break while I stay home and work

haha you guys are funny..i fell in again today..gonna put up a
sharphooks moderator

we had better buy you a good lifejacket !

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