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I saw the white dfo pickup at the coq river train bridge spot today.There was only one truck parked there. In dec there would have been 20!.Also saw the green dfo truck comming back from either belcara or buntzen.Why dont those guys show up when its busy out, like summer, so they can see all the people catchin crab and other fish with no licenses.

I was following that guy before he pulled in at Kingsway.I think the one truck was a burg Dodge?I almost pulled in to see what they were up to but figured they were just lookin for the Puma.Seriously though... In the fall they are spread thin with salmon and hunting.This time of year they have a little more time .I see a CO truck at least once a week, buy havn't been checked in 10 years(on a 4x4 access lake in the interior)

If they sat at belcara in the summer they could write hundreds of tickets!

Yup, I'd like to see them hit the high volume spots too

Conservative government has spread them even thinner.

Yeah there is probably more important things to do in the busy months. They are few and far between. We need more of them I think. Not so more people get ticketed, just if there was a bigger presence people would be less likely to do illegal things all the time.

they don't want to spend their day writing tickets. carpel-tunnel hurts.

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