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After hearing so many negative things this site, it was purely out of morbid curiosity I joined earlier this year, I figured it couldn't be as bad as people had said. I was wrong.

As a member of a couple of other sites, I admit there are the occasional bickering matches between guys, but I guess that is to be expected. However, even when there is, a certain maturity and respect is shown to fellow fishermen and things rarely get carried away. The majority of the threads contain a ton of great knowledge and people are always helpful as well as open minded.

This site has obvioulsy been very poorly managed over the last while, for it to have become this ridiculous. It is perfectly reasonable to correct an angler, using constructive criticism, but why gang up on him and beat him down? This forum could be so much more beneficial to all if it were actually used for sharing information and not used as battleground for keyboard worriors. Any hot topic on the forum is sure to be filled with nonesense and reduntant arguments.

I just don't understand the thought process here? Your given a tool, to use for free, that potentially can give you access to any information you may want or need pertaining to fishing. Instead it basically gets used as a place for people who don't know eachother, to argue endlessly and act like children?

Hopefully things can turn around on here, tight lines guys.
sharphooks moderator

your heading is a strong statement although i agree with most of what you say. for the last year as moderator i have tried, mostly in vain, to control and change the behaviour you speak of.
things have improved during that time as things were totally out of control but there is still a long way to go. sometimes i get so disappointed in things i have been very close to resigning from the position.
there will be some major upgrades made in the near future to this site i am told.that might help things. in the meantime if EVERYONE would try and grow up this site has wonderful potential but it will only gey better if some of the members either go away or start putting in an effert to act like adults.
Big Dan

Here Here!!

Fishing forum > The laughing stock of all fishing forums


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