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Anybody fish it lately?


You can catch fish year round. It's best for catchable rainbows shortly after they stock the lake. If you have a boat even better. Most fish are pretty small but still fun.

Yuuuup, inflow creeks

Is that gentlemen's name Terry by any chance?

He looks very familliar/Identicile to me as a guy from work(As in he drives truck and I see him at my work).

Don't need to answer as it could be personal. Just curious!


where are the inflow creeks at buntzen?

Nice fish spooner, is that out of buntzen?

Anybody ever try a downrigger in here?

Thanks Dumptruck. I have been there quite a few times, just not past the rock on the right side.

Always good around the old fish pen.

Fishing forum > Buntzen Lake


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