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Just recently hauled this little fellow through the ice at garnet lake near summerland. My guess is he is a juvenile northern pike minnow but not too sure....The tail fin seems to be the give away but does not exactly match any google searches. Also is it common to find these characters in the okanagans smaller lakes like garnet?...Thought that they were mostly in the larger lakes and rivers around here.

are you aloud to use barbs up there?

unless it is specifically listed you can use barbed but why do you need them. i have not checked but i doubt it is listed.
looks like some assholes have been poluting garnet. i doubt they would be "residents"

Looks like a shiner not a pike minnow.Pikes dont have any yellow in em.

Yes it's a Red side shiner
For those who think it's legal to use fin fish for bait read this.From the BC Freshwater Regulations page 9 "Fin fish... the use of fin fish (dead or alive) or parts of fin fish other than roe is prohibited throughout the province, with the following exception: You may use the head of fin fish or the headless body of fin fish as bait, only:
(a) when sport fishing for sturgeon in Fraser River (Region 2 only), or
(b) when set lining in lakes of Region 6 or in lakes of Zone A of Region 7."

hey. thanks for the info....and by the way the only restrictions on garnet lake in the regs outside of regional and provincial rules is electric only....Barbed hooks OK

I was just wondering, I know we aren't aloud any down here but I am always river fishing for steel and salmon so, that could be the reason.

just to muddy the waters a first thought was that it was maybe a juvenile mountain whitefish? Looking at the lake info page though it does say there are shiners in garnet lake.
Hi Speed

i agree with mrgrey1 ialso have caught some large ones in stave lake

I agree fully with dumptruck, any native species in BC should be released not killed. Even if it is the infamous Pikeminnow, all native species have a role to play in their respective ecosystems, just because they may not be a great sport fish, or good on the BBQ does not give an angler the right to destroy them unlawfully.

On the other side of things, non-native, invasive species like carp, in my opinion, are fair game. I would go as far as to say that it is more unlawful to willfully release them after being caught. Reguardless of wether or not they, "will take a fly."

Mysis relicta should attract a reward. Probably the biggest reason for preventing Kokanee recovering in the Okanagan Lake.

I say catch them and eat them.

Destructive species??????? Educate yourself first for once before posting misinformation. These r native freshwater species in British Columbia, some r even more indigenous than stocked rainbow trout.

They r controlled in Cultus Lake because sockeye salmon r endangered in there because of HUMAN. We have caused the unbalance so now were trying to rebalance it.

Seriously... The stubbornness...

its a redside shiner btw, not a peamouth chub, not even close.

Fishing forum > Pike Minnow????


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