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What works the best when targeting trout in the Pitt, Alouette, and stave lakes?

For Alouette, black wedding band, silver spinner or frog coloured flat fish. the flat fish was most productive last time I was out. GET DEEP!!!.. At minimum you probably should be at 80 feet... But that's minimum dude. The deeper the better.

I'm not sure aboutthe other lakes...

How much weight does it take to reach say 100ft? How is the weight connected?
The Yak

i think a three way swivle would do the job well with a leader of about 3 feet and any of the lures from the post above. Or a mini gang troll if you can find one. I have one that only a foot long and it's usable on my ultra light spin casting set up with 4lbs test line and a 2 foot trailing lure from the above post would work well tipped with a worm...

my 2 cents

We used a 4lbs weight.
Lucky Fisherman

4lbs on a downrigger maybe but I don't think he has one...

Ford Fenders also work well in Alouette followed by pink and glowy wedding bands with a bit of worm. What kind of fish are you catching at 80 feet? Is that how deep the Kokanee are running now or are you going for Lakers?

I'm trying for the rainbows, seen a few of good size in some areas. No downrigger. I was wanting to know how many oz. will get me down to 100 ft when trolling at around 1-2k/h

I am going to go out to the Aloutte on Saturday. So what is the best thing to use a GAng Troll with a wedding band and a worm? and what size of weight should I be using to get down deep to the lakers. Also where is the best place to fish in the Alouette. By the hatchery or what?

I here the whole side from the hatchery to the dam has fish and i've caught them there myself. Gang troll and wedding band with worm works for me.
Also the part of the lake where it narrows, before its north Alouette Lake, try trolling around the rocks there, i've had luck there to.
good luck

What size of weight did you use? To get down. What did you catch there lakers, Rainbow or Kokanee?

I need to know what ounce size of weight should i be usin one the alouette.

I dunno, use alot of weight. I couldnt tell ya exact numbers. Ive caught Rainbows in the 20" range.
When you try the narrow area by the rocks like I said before, you dont need much weight as the water there is not too deep.
It seems like your going to be targeting big fish deep, so im not the guy who can help you there, in fact, I dont think theres many people out there who knew exactly how to get those lakers. If they did, I hope they'd share the info with the rest of us.

All right thanks man. What size of weight did u use by the narrows to get the 20 inch rainbow? or did u get it at the other end of the lake?

Seriously, just use like three or four split-shots for the narrow area. & no, I caught the 20" by the hatchery.
Im sure you'll have success!

Thanks troutfisher you been a real help.

Alouette River

Me and my friend went to Aloutte River I live right by it and he cought a nice 12 inch Rainbow does anybody know the best thing to use there. We were using some cray fish but now it doesnt seem to work. We found this hole where they are we dove down and checked it out but we cant catch them any suggestions.
The Yak

you do know it's illegal to use live bait right?

I know dumbass.

does anybody know anything about alouette river?
The Yak

Easy with the smarty comment there pal. It was just a simple question, and did not require a remark like that.

Keep the swearing and derogatory comments to yourself, noboby want to waste their time reading it.

This forum is for the discussion of fishing not for pissing in each others Corn Flakes

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