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Author Topic: Any word on the capilano???
Jeep thrills

Are coho starting to run up the cap yet? I was thinking about checking it out in the morning. Also, Were are all the springs?? Looks like RM knows where they are. I went up to Peg leg (I thought the vedder was a meat hole) and got skunked. Any help would be great!!
Kai the Guy

The word on the Cap is "All My Relations". Try casting just inside the river mouth with a large barbed trebel hook and heavy line from the east bank (reserve side}, floss & snag like nuts and you will do okay. If you are fishing from the west bank, please use a grappling hook and rope, and target the shopping carts you see in the water. I bet there's nothing more satisfying than hauling a monster trophy shopping cart onto shore, clubbing it to death and returning it to superstore for 25 cents. Bring the kids!

You can thank the DFO for your quasi spiritual supernatural back to nature outdoor on the water fresh urban air adventure (notice I didnt mention fishing tho).

good stuff kai....that one looks like a 30lb silver.
Jeep thrills

Yah......regs suck! I'll try my granade. That should land me a trophy

Fishing forum > Any word on the capilano???


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