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Could anyone tell me how to get to Rolley Lake from Langley? I read the directs on this site but for someone new to the area, it didn't make any sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Would Rolley be better to fish than green lake this time of year???
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Thats a tough call. Is one better than the other. Nope.
Well. It all depends. Green is dope cause the air smells good. Like for real, it does. It is peaceful, warm, cool, everything good. It sees hardly any pressure from other anglers at the Nicklaus North Golf Course side, and thats where the best fishing is. Personally, the fish in Green, have a better fight in them. They are glacier fed, fisty, and hungry. They average 8-10"'s but they fight like a mac truck. Its insane that these fish can actually peel line, considering the size.

Rolley, is good, if you have only a day to fish. Just follow the tips I put in the other Forums, and yeah, good luck. Rolley sees tonnes of swimmers, but only at the beach part. Its a scary lake to swimm in. Like the water is sorta murky, so its like total creeper style, and like you think things are going to grab you and pull you under. Dude, im so hyper right now. But yeah, Rolley is good to take first time FLY FISHERS to. Put out the flaot tubes, tie on a leech to your sinking line, and kick around. Gauranteed fih. The far end of the lake is the best. Just kick back and forth in the "lane" and youll hook up. Another lake to take first timers to is 20 Minute Lake in Manning park. These trout will hit anything that floats, and they dont care about presentation, as long as you include the "twitch of death". Basically, it gets boring cuse you catch so many, but they are all super small. Its a good lake to take kids to if you want to teach them flyfishing. But again, flaot tubes a must.

Rolley for a one day trip, Green for two or more.
The fish are harder to catch in Green on flies, unless you ask some local knowledge, and my hands are too sore from tennis to type everything i know about Green. If you want ot know more, ask, but other than that, if your satisfied enought, then yeah, Green lake is better for first time visitors to hit with light line, two splitshots and little gold willow-leaf spoons. Green is definitly a flyfishing lake though, but if its your first time there, pack a light spinning set up incase.

Anyways, Im out, and Tight lines.

PS- does anybody have any help about fly fishing coho in the Cap, or in the VEdder. Like what works, and and where, and when.

As for directions to Rolley, don't worry about that - it's a provincial park and is clearly signed at every turn.

Take the Albion ferry and go east on highway 7. Just before Stave River you turn left (280 St. I think). That winds its way up and ends in a T at Dewdney Trunk Road and you go right. Follow that along for a while to Bell St. (again, clearly signed) and go left up the hill. The park is at the end.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for the help guys!! this is the best site ever. Great for guys like myself just trying to learn.

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