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Anybody hooked into any Springs by Hope lately? I know the closure of the Sockeye season stings a bit but a lunker or two would take care of that in a hurry. Any feedback? Thanks..

I dont fish chinooks on the fraser but from what I understand, they will keep on coming in for a while. The reds will pass followed by the whites so there could be a lot more "action" to come.

Frankly with the sockeye closure, I wont floss the fraser any more. with the high water temps, each and every sockeye flossed, reeled in, and release (some gentley, others not)...has as increased chance of not making it home...the mortality for those "caught and released" fish is higher and considering that they may have another 600++KM to travel I wont make that journey any harder in pursuit of a spring!
Louis Vuitton

Whats the difference between the red and white springs?
Like what are they?

I dont know how literal you are being so I will start with the obvious. Reds Springs have red flesh, and white springs have....drum roll please...thats right WHITE flesh!!!

Reds I find are on average smaller but pound for pound fight harder (this is a comparison of reds and whites on the vedder).

I find the whites are extremely slimy and I usually only kill one a year (a doe for the roe and I smoke the carcass).

And finally reds are an early run fish (with the socs) and the whites are late (with the coho).


gooey, you raise some good points about not making the sockeye journey any tougher then it already is...where else can one fish for chinooks this time of year?

If you want to fish the Fraser for chinook, use a bar-rig setup (don't bottom bounce). You will have no chance of hooking into a sockey and the chinook will actually bite!

the last post is very true, but seeing as bar fishing requiers a set up far more heavier than the average drift rod, if you want to bar fish it genrally means getting a heavy outfit. Its really dependant on the gear you have so lets us know all the equipment you have access to and we see what we can come up with.

I have heard of several springs being caught from shore on light spinning gear in the mouth of the cap....may be something to think about .
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Now that the river is lower and clearer, I'd like to try a float and roe. The fish have been in pretty close sometimes at our favourite spot Gooey. Hmmm with this rain the river was up on sunday.

Please read the post: Fraser hits an all time temp high. Nuff said!
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Ya, more than enough. Interested in drift fishing though.


Im not gona start fighting with you but the guy doesnt know what the difference is between red and white springs why do you have to sound like a cocky asshole when you answer his question..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE WHITE SPRINGS HAVE WHITE FLESH........... he doesnt know so he comes on here and posts his question to get answer and people like you make it sound like he is an idiot for asking,
also if you think you know so much white springs flesh isnt WHITE its a light pink colour NOT WHITE its close but not quite

bug pumper

I know Gooey, He just likes to preach a little bit. Just trying to be funny most likely. I don't personally think whites fight any less hard than reds on the vedder. I mean the Vedder whites are almost all 30lbs plus, hard to compare to the average 15lb red runt. I actually puked from exhastion once after a 50min battle with a white.
blaydRnr ll

the funny thing is, i was checking out 'fwr'.
a girl posted the same question. gooey was alot more civil with his response. "DR. JEKYL AND MR. HYDE?" or Just a "BIG SUCK?" or maybe just afraid to get dumped on by the 'fwr' possey.


I would love to see you take your post from this thread and transfer it to the girl's thread on 'fwr' just to see how many times you get called 'a smart ass' or 'idiot'....c'mon.. i dare ya to... i double dare ya.... or maybe you're too scared to get 'pulled' by the moderator?

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