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Anybody have any tips for fising at Widgeon Lake in PoCo?



No advice sorry...but a few questions questions. Is there a place to park at the end of Cory road? Is is secure? and how long of a hike to the lake?

The hike is 3-5 hours in. Apparently it's pretty steep (you wouldn't be able to portage a canoe) but you should pack a float tube as there isn't too much shoal to fish. Watch out for the sasquatch and bears! I was planning on taking a trip up there this summer but everyone wussed out and I wasn't prepared to take the it myself.
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Woah, you actually know about the Sasquatch.
Nobody up there will talk about him. I've seen it once.
I think. I saw this big tall thing (like 7ft) and like just plain lanky walk along the far edge of the lake one morning when i was out tubing. At first i thought it was a bear or something, cause it was bent over and like drinkin the water. But when i got closer to look at the bear, it stood up and sorta briskly walked into the forrest. No body beleives me in that town. But when i brought it up at the tackle store, they sorta just avoided the subject.
When ever i go up there to camp, i leave food out (I heard they like apples from a Bigfoot website) and always set up a little video camera at night when i go to bed. Nothin.
but when ever i go out fishing after i turn the camer off (i dont want anybody to steel it durin the day), the apples are gone.

Anyways, if anybody goes up there and sees anything, or hears anything that sounds friggin creapy at night, reply back.

anyways, Tight lines!

Sounds very cool, I will make sure to take the digi cam when we make the trip. Any idea what to use in terms of a rig and lures?

you know i got the same hair raising feeling last november in the chehalis canyon while hiking towards our fishing pool. spooky if someone is watching you or something.

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