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Author Topic: Quesitons on fishing for trouts in Lake Jones

Me and my friends are planning to do some trout fishing in Lake Jones this weekend. We are technically some newbies on freshwater fishing so hopefully someone can help us out.

We will be using medium heavy action casting rods (longer than 10 feet), would that be appropriate for trouts?

What kind of bait would you suggest for trouts?

Do we need to use floats on our line? If yes, how deep should we set the bait at?

Lastly is there any speical technique for trouts?

Any input/comment is appreciated...thank you.

Louis Vuitton

Um, try six foot medium action rods. You arent fishing for steelhead.

Bait wise, um worms are always (I know this sounds like a cliche) a good choice. One meathond is to just let it sit on the bottom.
Another good technique for Trout is to hook on a marshmellow, then a worm (make sure there is like one-two feet of leader b/w the sinkers and the hook). This causes the worm to suspend.

Other than that, I dont know much about Jones lake, and I know you dont need salmon gear.

6lb test should be fine if only fishing for trout or dollies.

I used to fish Jones lake a lot growing up. Worm works great there. about a 45 minute drive up the mountain (after the cabins) you will hit a bridge that's over a creek. Where that creek meets the lake, is a great spot. Just a simple float and worm, or bottom as mentioned before. Blue and Orange spinners work well also. Report back, it's been a while, I'd be interested to know how it goes.

Thanks for the advcies Louis Vuitton & Zenyo!

Is two fish the daily limit on trouts in that area?

sorry i just had to cut in. its Trout not trouts

there, i feel better now

Sorry English is not my first language...
(coz I thought we can add a "s" after fish names to make them plural)

Went up to Jones Lake last summer around this time. Beautiful lake. Tried baitfishing the first evening with no success. The guy in the next campground recommended trolling. The next afternoon we hooked into about 4 trout with a Mepps Black Fury. Definately the lure of choice as nothing else seemed to be working.

Stevenl, here is my fly fishing report for the late spring fishing at Jones lake. I've got 43 fish in 4 hours. Only few were above the legal limit of 14". Expect this to be mostly catch & release fun.

Please, don't forget to post your report as well

Thanks for all the replies~~

Alex: In the map there is a point that has three fish logos. Is that where you fished?

Is flyfishing a must if we want good result? Because we don't have any fly rods, we are going to use some casting rods only.

Also, can we using those furry lures with our casting rods? And that brings up another question: can we use the flyfishing techique with our casting rods? (our rods are all pretty long and flexible...)

Many thanks!


Steve, I would strongly recommend to get a simple spinning rod. One of my friends purchased a very nice spinning combo at Berry's Bait & Tackle for $49 before going to Lightning lake. It worked very well for casting small spinning lures (with 6lb line).

Casting rods are designed to cast heavy lures/tackle and at Jones fish tend to be in 10-14" range.

If you are fishing from shore, you should focus on inflow creeks and either drift your offering with the current or if you are using a fly rod or a spinning gear - across the current.

As for spots - there are many detailed fishing reports posted for that lake here at SH:

(New acounts come with a free 7-day trial to access reports.)

Tight lines!


Thanks for the info Alex~~

Besides Trout, is there any other fish that can be caught at Lake Jones?

Government records say:

Cutthroat Trout, Cutthroat Trout (Anadromous), Kokanee, Rainbow Trout, Stickleback (General), Threespine Stickleback

more details: Jones lake

As for my personal experience, I don't remeber anything but rainbows.

what flies did you use? floating or sinking line?

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