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Can anyone tell me if these two lakes can be fished on a float tube. I'm worried that they might be to windy. As I have never been up there I was hoping someone could help me. Maybe someone knows what type and kind of flies would work best???

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Louis Vuitton

Green lake:

-Awesome for rainbows and Dollies.
-Sink line a must.
-flies: 52 buick (#10)
maroon, black, and eggsucking leeches (what ever size)
flies with yellow (must be wet flies)
and baitfish imitaions are a must!!!
The dollies eat the bait fish, and one time my friend had on a rainbow, and it was starting to tire. Then it got this huge burst of speed. When it finally got to the net, he ended up landing a BIG dolly, and out cam the trout that he had hooked (the hook was still in the scissors of the rainbow, but had also hooked the dolly when the dolly attacked the rainbow).

Fish Green Lake at Nicklaus North Golf Course. You can park at the course (they let you, cause its all owned by some rich dude) and take the trail (ask someone where it is-its not hard to find) and take it to the right. Five minutes later youll see an opening to the sandy beach.
go out and fish this. Fish the flowing river mouth.
This lake is too big for tubing the whole thing, but this creek mouth, and the other creek mouth are killers.

If not flying it, use SMALL willow-leaf spoons that are iether gold, or yellow. hardware includes light line, two splitshots, a swivel and the spoon.

Umm, yeah, I fish Green alot, and if you need other areas, just ask.

Alta lake, ummm, you need a tube for that. And, I was there, and i didnt get any hits. pack some Red San Juan worms if flying.

But personally, Green is one of the best lakes ive ever fished.

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Thanks Luis. This is tons of help.I live in Langley and am just learning to fly fish, what a blast. If you know of any other lakes that produce that would be awesome. why a sinking line are the fish only at the bottom?

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Louis Vuitton

Um, Rolley lake in Mission.
Same there, Float tubes a must for there, or a boat of somekind (like a rowboat).

Um, sink lines because the fish are staying around the Thermocline. Its still summer, so surface tempuratures are high. They stay where they are comfortable, so they stay lower down during the day.

At night though, if you have a floating line, you can pick up fish from rolley on the surface. Green isnt too good for surface activity, unless there is a REAL PROMINANT hatch, other than that, they stay down.

IF you ever head up to Hope, check out the Skagit river (aka Sumallo creek). Awesome dry fly action during september (mayflies-green drakes, spinners, etc).

Um, 5-6wt rods are fine for all of the lakes/rivers mentiond above, unless specifically targetting dollies (all of the bodies of water talked about here contain them), then you might want to go with a six.

Anyways, if you need info, just ask.

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Mid August fishing report for Alta Lake:

There is actually an interesting story about Alta Lake.

I was told by a local fishing guide that locals decided to make water warmer in this lake and rerouted a mountain creek though the valley, so that the water will become warmer. As the result of a warmer water, Alta Lake got a lot of sticklebacks. Those fish effectivelly destroyed the population of residual rainbows by eating their roe. Then government released cutthroat trout to control stickleback population and it worked so well, that you can get decent size cutties (2-3 lb) from this lake now.

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Mind you that both Alta and Green lakes are C&R only, unless rules were changed recently.

Green way to cold.Alta me and my buds belly boat all the time .They just put a angling dock at the south weast end it a great place to fly cast.
bass master 99

Green is pretty windy most the time.
Alta has some big cutties taken using leeches or baitfish imitations. Green is pretty much the same. Does anyone know what you can use lure wise at both lakes?

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