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Louis Vuitton

Hey, i doubt anybody is going to read this in time, but im going after coho tomorrow morning and my 8wt broke. Im going to try them on my six and play them with the 8wt reel.
Do you think i can still beach them on this sketchy set up?
The Yak

As long as you have fun trying who cares...

I've cought tons of coho on my 6weight as long as u don't mind a long fight it'll be fine.

-tight lines
bug pumper

Where are you going? Its too early for the Vedder. Maybe the cap mouth? I use a six.

When do the coho really start filling up the vedder??? should you use some bright and flashy flies??? I'm really looking forward to fishing them.............

i caught my first one last year on the vedder a couple of days before thanksgiving....late september early october
bug pumper

Chad, in September after the first heavy rain( if we get any) they will be in there. By early Oct they usually start showing in bigger numbers.
Louis Vuitton

Hey, When fishing the vedder for coho, do they actually bite the fly?
Like i fly for them in the salt using 8wts, and size 8-10 flies, and yes, they actually bite them. So, i was wondering if they do in the river, or if they are flossed.
Now, i dont want to start a big discussion on flossing again. I dont care what others do, but i dont do it myself, okay?
Like, if some floss, its up to them, i dont care.
So, off the topic of that, i was wondering if they actually bite the fly.

Tight lines!
bug pumper

Yes LV. They do bite, chase the fly right to shore. They are usually in the frog water(still water) so you won't floss em like guys do fishing tailouts. How did you do?
Louis Vuitton

Okay, i only tailed one, other than that, i find they got lock-jaw if they are in the river more than a day. You got to get them when they are fresh if you want any action.
Still, i am yet to find a spot around here that i can get them on a polly-wog. I see pics and shows of the guides polly-wogging them on the surface, but i cant seem to find a spot anywhere around here that you can do that.
If you can tell me any spots that are good for Flyfishing for Coho (from the shore-i aint got a boat) iether in the salt or the fresh, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, what flies are do others use (such as yourself)?

Tight lines!
bug pumper

I think you got it right, the olive wooly bugger is great. A guy at the cable pool always has great results with a black bead head leach. I forget his name, Iranian guy, really friendly.
Louis Vuitton

Sorta rich right?
He has like a Bauer Reel, totally got the nice set up?
And wears glasses and like black dressy shoes?

If thats him, yeah hes pretty nice.
What you use out there though, like what does Bug use?
I never can get much luck from the cable pool. I go there all the time thoug for some reason. I want to fish the mouth, but i heard its a native only fisheries, and i dont want to start a confrontation. Also, i dont know anything about the mouth.

There is a nother little pool lowere down than the pool 9 and there is always a couple stealies in it (they got the lock jaw though). I seriously am starting to lose faith in the cable pool though.

I heard thought that the Vedder has Coho that you can fly for. What to use, and where?

bug pumper

At the cable pool I have the most luck with roe. Fly fishing it is new to me. But when the water is low it works the best. The Cap mouth is only Native land on the east side, you can fish the westside below the train bridge. (above is native for a short stretch)

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