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Ill be fly fishing these lakes early in the morning and in the evening from friday to sunday. I have #3 sink line, and i was wondering which flies i should use since im a complete noob at this. also i saw the leader which attaches to the fly line is really thin at the end and it looks like i can break it with my fingers. am i supposed to cut it so the leader is thicker then tie the fly, or am i supposed to just fish with the thin end? Thx

Louis Vuitton

hey, you really are a novice at this.
No offense (we all started somewhere).
the leader (the long taperd clear part)is a taperd leader that thins out near the end. Its supposed to.
it is in this shape to help turn the fly over.
attach the fly to the thin part. It wont snap or break as along as that when you tie your knot, you load it up with some spit.

if you are limited by a sinking line only, you will have to use wet flies. vertical fishing with chronies requires experience, so this may not be anb option either. if you have a floating tube or a boat you may want to start with trolling attractors (doc spratleys in red,black or green; careys) and leeches (micro ones in black, maroon or olive). when trolled, change speed and make turns, twich your line once in a while.

if you are casting from shore, try to find an inflow creek and cast across the flowing water. steady pulls by 5" should be ok. keep experimenting.

tight lines!

I also have dry line, but i know these lakes are deep and i have a dinghi. Anyways, with the wet flies like the doc spratleys and so on, should i let it sing all the way to the bottom then use steady 5" pulls? and these are slow pulls too right? thx

Louis Vuitton

Hey, Let the line sink down into the "strike zone".
If the waters are warm the fish will be deeper. depending on the brand of line, the type three sinking line could sink at a slower/faster rate than other lines, so do the count-down meathond by tossing some over the egde of your dinghy and counting how many seconds it takes to sink one foot. Then cast out as far as you are able to (probably about fifteen feet for a beginner) and let it sink to the depth you think the fish are at (warmer water=deeper) by counting. Then start rowing really slowly. Remember, if the fish are at twenty feet, let out twenty five, cause as you move, the fly will rise up in the water column. If you are fsihing a creek mouth, use slow 4 inch pulls, unless if your using a baitfish pattern, then youll want to do five.

If your using leaches (wooly-buggers) you want slow strips.
rember you want to imitate the natural food.
Like the other guy said though, use spratleys for searching out a lake. and try different depths. And if you dont get hits ever once in a while (fifteen min.) switch up your fly till you find on you get hits on.
I suggest a Red Doc Spratley, then a samll micro leach in maroon.

-Tight lines!

Also, you should hit up Rolley lake in mission.
Lots of fish there despite all the swimmers.
Read my report on Rolley lake.

Alright thanks guys. Ill be back on sunday and ill be sure to let you guys know how i did . Thanks again! John

Fishing forum > Fly fishing Sakinaw and Ruby lake


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