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Does anyone know if there is any salmon in that general area right now that i can fish for also can you keep any cod like rock or ling cod if they are there thanx

hey fishfreak.....don't know about the salmon but your allowed 1 rockcod and 0 lingcod out there. best bet is a couple of crab traps and herring bait on the bottom for flounder/sole.
Louis Vuitton

Hey, Who is this Fishfreak guy. I live in Tsawwassen too (if thats where your from). We should hit the water together.
Velika Riba

I fish off the south arm between the t10 marker and the the entrance to Steveston. You might have good success fishing for Sockeye this weekend trolling little pink hootcies with a flasher between 60-30 feet. Run dummy flashers to create your sockeye school and don't stop when you hook into one. I'm going to be out there this sunday afternoon fishing and hour before during and an hour after the tide change.

Hey How did you do at the southarm?

I live in Tsawwassen and I used to fish at the dock by the coal port...just bullheads, flatfish but i got a couple salmon with a Buzzbomb last year.

where from shore?
i live there too. I have never seen a salmon pulled from shore, what type of salmon were they?
Louis Vuitton

Coho salmon from shore. There are tonnes of em too when they run. Buzz Bombs for sure. Pearl and what ever.
Also, the Pearch colour works to.
yeah, thats what you can catch. Except this year for some reason, guys are catching springs from the beach.
Like thay aint small. They are like 20+ lbs. Tis so wierd, cause its usually only coho from the beach.

hey louis V...did you mean tswassen beach or roberts bank. i never thought salmon were approachable from there.
Louis Vuitton

Umm, Tsawwassen beach, all the way up to Point Roberts.


Which side, Boundary Bay side? I live in Tsawwassen as well, and never knew of any good Salmon shore fishing. I'd love to find a spot or two?

Thanks in advance.

coal port dock!!! lots of salmon during the summer you can see them jumping
Louis Vuitton

Hey, sorry for takin so long to reply, i was on vacation. Um, like he said: coalport dock. And Point Roberts is killer. I know all these prime spots, but i'm not about to just put them on the 'net for everybody to see. If you want to hit them up one time, ask me and i'll take you to them. Like, im totoally down to take someone out there but i dont want everybody and there brother out at "my spots".
So yeah. If you want to know, just ask and ill see you out there.

Sounds good Louis. I totally understand... I'd love to go some time. My email is

Thanks in advance, and happy fishing all!

i fished Point Roberts yesturday saw about 30 boats out there at one point didnt see much being caught still to early i did see alot of fish jumping around along with bait fish also caught a big dog fish that was about it also got some crab gonna go out there in a few days again

hey, i am from tsawwassen, just wondering where the coal port dock is, is it off the side of the long road or do i follow it all the way down to the actual terminal and what would u reccomend for lures/bait

thanks alot!

roe is your best bet for salmon one nice spring was landed in new west today

tight lines coho
Louis Vuitton

If you're wanting to get coho from the beach, I suggest fishing Pt. Roberts, Washington once the season opens.
If you can't catch them from the beach, you're trying too hard. Just remember to keep it simple and you should do fine.

Beach fishing in the ocean is not the same as fishing in the river. If you are fishing in New West, you'd be fishing the fraser. Roe is an excellent choice.

I don't think roe is a great idea in Tswassen because you should not find roe in that area naturally.

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