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bug pumper

It was pretty slow overall but did manage to hook a few springs. We had a good time with people nearby, good attitides all around.
bug pumper

forgot the pictures!.... Duh.

Nice fish. On the bar rods?
The Fishin Pig

Great Fish B.P.
Were you visible from the Highway? We passed by the area sameday. Man loads of fishin fools out...Great looking River.Almost to hot to Fish...not

nice fish wich one is you? were going to haig scale bar this thursday.....hopefully get some luck!
bug pumper

You could probably see us FP. El nino, I'm the guy on the right. The other dude is my personal translator when driving in Vancouver- "dances with fishes" is his name. Ha. BP

So obviously bottom bounced then, right?
bug pumper

har, har, yes we bounced DM.
Louis Vuitton

Hey, where abouts were you? I am hoping to hit it up soon, but the river is so long. Also, what was your technique?

NICE fish BP ... might have to tag along with you one day and show me your techniques in catching these nice chromies

bb is the way to go! way more fun, then drinking beer in a chair waiting for a bite only to pull a fish with an 80 lb line...

dm, please don't use my comment to spark another 100+ discussion on the same topic - just let people have their ways within the legal requirements.

now that's fishing !!
bug pumper

I have to admitt that even though its not that skillfull BB is a blast.

Hey BP, your right its not skillful, if it was, all we'd have is a picture of you skulking home empty handed!!!!

By the way lets not call the fraser fishery BOTTOM BOUNCING, it is much more acurate to call it FLOSSING as that is exactly how the fish is hooked.

Calling it bottom bouncing discredits a viable fishing method that can be used on various rivers with out snagging/flossing the target species.

Yeah, it's a blast all right....... de de de de de de duuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Snagged Fish On!!! What a blast! Lets take some hero shots of our snagged fish. Yee Haww, what a blast. Let's also take out a few more Chinook from that certain stream up north that wouldn't ordinarily be caught. What a blast!! Yee Hawwwww.

More heroes like to pose with flossed fish for their photo album... Should send them to for the fishy shot contest lol

Banting sucked eh Beak. Yeah, nothing like SNAGGED CHINOOK on your resume. Nice pose Beeks

you two guys (Duke Myers & Beak007) are a bunch of assholes eh. Nothing else to do but shit talk a guy who posted his pics on here?
bug pumper

Gooey, I know I'm right.
bug pumper

You two little shits can come over and call me a beak in person. If you don't Bottom Bounce you can find me every week year round flyfishing or drift fishing everywhere. Get over it.
winter steel

BP, don't let it get to ya! Enjoying what ever sportfishing opportunity one chooses to take part in is all that matters and for some it may be the bars. Hey BP, its funny how quiet it is on a river (excluding the Farser) when the fish are in and the dentists are out! Seems enforcing the regs, native fisheries, commercial openings, flossing, poaching, snagging, and all the other stuff is easier to do on a keyboard, behind a screen. Tight lines!
bug pumper

How was the Chehalis, any summers?
bug pumper

Gooey, if we're talking about drift fishing with short, light, leaders, small Gammies, and my Killer roe... I'll be releaseing fish and you'll be sulking, fishless. Just like all winter steelhead season. Don't brag.

Let's face it, it's simply a food harvest, nothing to brag about unless you are little Rod who likes peamouth chub. Same goes with sweeping a tailout with a fly rod or anchoring a ten foot leader under a float on the Cheddar.

And please, no threats on the internet k?

So Brad, where do I sign up for the old boys club?
winter steel

BP, you could walk in the river, or along the bank of the Chehalis from the Frog Pond all the way through the canyon to the lake. If there is going to be any fish they are in the deep pools of the canyon, I may try that Sunday. Tight lines!
winter steel

bug pumper

Fine 007, then don't rag on me with your comment about internet hero's. I'm posting pictures because thats what this sites all about.. right? I think I'm pretty supportive of other people when they post thier pictures. Its about shareing info and meeting other fishers.

BP, your absolutly right. Keep posting pics of the fish you get because there are more people on here who are intrested to see them then there are assholes like Beak007 and his sidekik Duke Myers.
I think they've been feeling brave latly and it happens to everyone, so chill out guys and try to keep this site freindly. Its dicks like you guys that cause problems and its a little tiresome.

Same town you went to school in Beek. Troutfisher, face the facts these hero shots were those of SNAGGED FISH. Nothing to be proud of. Time for you have an Ivory soap mouth enema
bug pumper

so what? you little pecker. So they were flossed, get over it. This site isn't just for fish that bit. You talk as if bar fishing takes some kind of skill-NOT! la dee da, I'm casting out my upteen pound line with my 12 oz's of lead now. Now I'm sitting around on my fat ass cuz I'm too lazy to stand up. dum, dee, dum what fun. Dam I hope everyone knows I'm the most ethical fisher in the valley. If I'm gonna kill some poor fish before it makes it to the hallowed ( that means sacred, stupid) river in the north I'm gonna use all the finess I know. Did I tell anyone that I'm real ethical today? By gum! I'm the most ethical fisher in the whole country. Shit!!! That flosser across the river has a fish on! #*!#*!!

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