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i have been reading all the talk back and forth for months. it is illegal to purposely snag a fish and keep it. if the hook is in the fishes mouth it is legal. how can one tell if the fish bit! you guys have a good site here but all i hear is bitterness about the pro's and cons of flossing. some think float fishing is not flossing, that bottom bouncing is bad, etc. you can floss with a float. i fished with a guy last fall who spent the month of july fishing the vedder. he was float fishing the boundary pool. to prove a point he put on a bare hook and caught as many as the other fishermen. that was proof that float fishing still can be flossing, you can't help it. lets get back to talking about fishing and cut out all the nasty comments etc. this will be a better site for everyone!

Well of course when you floatfish with a 6' leader you're going to "hook" as many fish as the other anglers at the Limit Hole. Go see for yourself what's going on up there and at the Ranger. It's pathetic!
dynk float

If all you guys spent as much time crying in the river as you do on your keyboard we would have alot more water for the fish to come up.

Truth hurts don't it

well ill be flossin my ass of this weekend for the fish iwant to devour....other than that its not sport fishing if your gonna foul hook a fish.. my opinion if your gonna eat it do what u gotta do to catch it.. but dont abuse the resource cause u wanna show your pals on the net u can bag 20 salmons a day...then they end up floatin down stream a hour opinion thats all....GuTTer UNIt And WhaLLey BUllIEs..
surgeon sturgeon

floss away

Fishing forum > enough talk about flossing


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